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Alphabetic index of Service Calls

The names given below omit the initial 'Service_' for clarity:

Name Number Meaning
ADFSPodule &10800 Issued by ADFS to locate an ST506 expansion card
ADFSPoduleIDE &10801 Issued by ADFS to locate an IDE expansion card
ADFSPoduleIDEDying &10802 IDE expansion card dying
BufferStarting &6F Notifies modules that the buffer manager is starting
CalibrationChanged &5B Screen calibration is changed
ClaimFIQ &0C Claim FIQ
ClaimFIQinBackground &47 Claim FIQ in background
CloseFile &68 Close an object, and any children of that object
ColourPickerLoaded &93 For internal use only
DCIFrameTypeFree &9D Issued by a network device driver module once initialised, and when finalising
DCIFrameTypeFree &9E Part of the AUN Driver Control Interface
DCIProtocolStatus &9F Issued by a protocol module once it has initialised, and when it is finalising
DesktopWelcome &7C Desktop starting
DeviceDead &79 Device has been killed by DeviceFS
DeviceFSCloseRequest &81 Opening a device which already has the maximum number of streams open
DeviceFSDying &71 DeviceFS is dying
DeviceFSStarting &70 DeviceFS is starting
DiscDismounted &7D Disc dismounted
DisplayFormatHelp &6C Display list of available formats
DrawObjectRender &45540 Issued when the SWI DrawFile_Render encounters an unrecognised object
DrawObjectDeclareFonts &45541 Issued when the SWI DrawFile_DeclareFonts encounters an unrecognised object
DynamicAreaCreate &90 Dynamic area has just been successfully created
DynamicAreaRemove &91 Dynamic area is about to be removed
DynamicAreaRenumber &92 Dynamic area is being renumbered
EconetDying &56 Econet is about to leave
EnumerateFormats &6A Enumerate available disc formats
EnumerateNetworkDrivers &9B Issued to obtain a linked list of all active network device drivers
EnumerateScreenModes &8D Enumerates the available screen modes
Error &06 Error has occurred
ErrorButtonPressed &400C1 Issued when any button on the error report is pressed
ErrorEnding &400C2 Issued immediately before an error report closes
ErrorStarting &400C0 Issued immediately after Wimp_ReportError is called
FilerDying &4F Notification that the Filer module is about to close down
FilterManagerDying &88 Filter Manager dying
FilterManagerInstalled &87 Filter Manager starting up
FindNetworkDriver &84 Part of the AUN Driver Control Interface
FontsChanged &6E New Font$Path detected
FSRedeclare &40 Start up filing system
Help &09 *Help has been called
IdentifyDisc &69 Identify disc format
IdentifyFormat &6B Identify disc format name
International &43 International service
InternetStatus &B0 Issued by the Internet module when an interface address has been changed
InvalidateCache &82 Broadcast whenever the cache is flushed within ColourTrans
KeyHandler &44 Keyboard handler
LookupFileType &42 Look up file type
Memory &11 Memory controller about to be remapped
MemoryMoved &4E OS_ChangeDynamicArea has just finished
MessageFileClosed &5E Message files have been closed
ModeChange &46 Mode change
ModeChanging &89 Mode change
ModeExtension (VDU)
ModeExtension (Video)
&50 Allow soft modes
ModeTranslation (VDU)
ModeTranslation (Video)
&51 Translate modes for unknown monitor types
MonitorLeadTranslation (VDU)
ModeTranslation (Video)
&76 Translate monitor lead ID
MouseTrap &52 The Wimp has detected a significant mouse movement
NetFS &55 Either a *Logon, a *Bye or a *SDisc/*Mount has occurred
NetFSDying &5F NetFS is dying
NetPrintCheckD1 &40200 Issued by NetPrint to determine if there is a local printer server running
NetworkDriverStatus &8B Part of the AUN Driver Control Interface
NewApplication &2A Application about to start
PagesSafe &8F Pages specified have been swapped for different pages
PagesUnsafe &8E Pages specified are about to be swapped for different pages
PDriverChanged &7F Currently selected printer driver has changed
PDriverGetMessages &78 Get common messages file
PDriverStarting &65 PDriver sharer module started
PDumperDying &67 PDriverDP module dying
PDumperStarting &66 PDriverDP module starting up
Portable &8A Power down or up
PostInit &73 All modules have been initialised
PreModeChange &4D Mode change
PreReset &45 Pre-reset
Print &41 For internal use only
ProtocolDying &83 Part of the AUN Driver Control Interface
ReAllocatePorts &48 Econet restarting
ReleaseFIQ &0B Release FIQ
Reset &27 Post-Reset
ResourceFSDying &5A ResourceFS is killed
ResourceFSStarted &59 The file structure inside ResourceFS has changed
ResourceFSStarting &60 ResourceFS module is reloaded or reinitialised
ScreenBlanked &7A Screen blanked by screen blanker
ScreenRestored &7B Screen restored by screen blanker
ShutDown &7E Switcher shutting down
ShutdownComplete &80 Shutdown completed
Sound &54 Parts of the Sound system are starting or dying
StartedFiler &4C Request to filing-system-specific desktop filers to set taskHandle variable to zero
StartedWimp &4A Request to task modules to set taskHandle variable to zero
StartFiler &4B Request to filing-system-specific desktop filers to start up
StartUpFS &12 Start up filing system
StartWimp &49 Start up any resident module tasks using Wimp_StartTask
SwitchingOutputToSprite &72 Output switched to sprite, mask or screen
SyntaxError &8C Syntax error translation
TerritoryManagerLoaded &64 Tell territory modules to register themselves.
TerritoryStarted &75 New territory starting
UKByte &07 Unknown OS_Byte
UKCommand &04 Unknown command
UKConfig &28 Unknown *Configure
UKStatus &29 Unknown *Status
UKWord &08 Unknown OS_Word
ValidateAddress &6D OS_ValidateAddress has been called with an unrecognised area
WimpCloseDown &53 Notification that the Window Manager is about to close down a task
WimpPalette &5D Palette change
WimpReportError &86 Allows the Filter Manager to install filters with the Window Manager
WimpReportError &57 Request to suspend trapping of VDU output so an error can be displayed
WimpSaveDesktop &5C Save some state to a desktop boot file
WimpReportError &85 Wimp sprite pools have moved

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