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Software Products - J

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
J - I-APL Ltd - -
J is a dialect of APL. It is an imperative mathematical/logical notation (and a functional programming language) which uses only the symbols on the keyboard. Programming
Jack - J. David Barrow - -
Produces JPEGs out of the .WBZ files downloaded from http://www.webshots.com. Graphics
James Pond 2+ - - £16.20 -
James Pond Run. Water - - £27.00 -
James Pond Underwater Agent - Krisalis Software Ltd - -
This 007 is a very different kettle of fish - in fact he is a fish! Games
Japan Atlasfile - Anglia Multimedia
£58.75 KS3 KS4 -
Essential for the study of Japan Geography
Java 0.76 - - ?-4.02
Old! Java (ZIP file) 0.74 - - -
An upgrade to Acorn's Java. Internet
Old! Java (ZIP file) 0.76 - - -
An upgrade to Acorn's Java. Internet
javaa - Peter Naulls - -
Java assembler Programming
Old! JazZip Tools - - £15.00 -
Utility for SCSI or parallel Iomega Zip/Jaz drives
Jclean 2.01 J. David Barrow - -
Gives a Desktop presence to the jpegtran and wrjpgcom command line utilities. It cleans up JPEG files, removing comments and embedded thumbnails, to produce baseline JPEGs. Graphics
Jcut 2.03 J. David Barrow - 3.70-?
Saves out selected areas from a JPEG file without the image degradation that results if you decompress the original and then recompress the trimmed file. Graphics
Jet Pac - Minerva Software - -
Jet Set Willy - Darren Salt - -
JetDirect - R-Comp £40.00 -
Allows RISC OS computers to print using network-enabled printers. This is a Hewlett Packard protocol which allows for direct printing (no disc spooling required) which is ideal for discless machines. Printing
Old! Jewels of Jezabar, The - - - -
Old! JFinger - - - -
Finger client
Old! JFProxy - - - -
Proxy server for telnet, IRC, HTTP, SMTP, finger and POP Internet
Old! JFShared 2.54 - - ?-4.02
Basic programming library Programming
Jiglet (Defunct) - 4mation - Sn -
A version of Jigsaw designed for younger children and those with special needs. It comes complete with a set of 16 pictures.
Jigsaw (Defunct) - 4mation - -
Allows sprites of any size to be converted into jigsaws with real jigsaw-shaped pieces. Comes complete with a set of 15 pictures.
Jikes - Peter Naulls FREE -
RISC OS port of IBM's Java compiler; Java source to class file compiler. Programming
Old! Jiten - Philip Murray-Pearce - -
English dictionary using both European (romanji) and Japanese (kanji, hirangana and katakan) scripts for Japanese words
JobSearch - Panda Discs - Sn -
Materials designed for Special Needs Work Preparation students.
John Cabot & Merchant V. - - £42.30 -
John Hedgecoe's Guide to Photography - Anglia Multimedia
£58.75 KS3 KS4 -
Comprehensive introduction to taking better photographs
Jonix - - - -
A utility to join text files together.
Journal - Robert Seago - ?-4.02
Diary program, geared to accept regular or irregular entries, which can then be copied into a text file covering a length of time.
Journo - - - -
JoyStick - - - -
Joystick 0.02 - - -
A RISC OS ROM module. Version 0.02 was included in the RISC OS 3.10 ROMs. This module is not in the RISC OS 4.02 ROMs. RISC OS ROM
JPEGObject - MW Software £15.00 -
A module which allows you to embed JPEG images directly into an ArtWorks file. It allows you to rotate and skew JPEG objects and supports Draw and EPS export of files containing JPEG images. Graphics
JPEGTrans 1.18 SkullSoft FREE ?-4.02
Frontend to the JPEGTran absolute file included. You can make progressive JPEGs and optimise them to reduce their size further. Requires WimpBasic modules. Graphics
JPextract - - - -
A front end for a module written by VinceH which will take a file and extract the JPEGs within it. If there's a thumbnail on the front, it will be pulled out, followed by its full-sized version. Graphics
JQuick 2.00 Argo Interactive Group FREE ?-4.02
An image conversion utility which uses ChangeFSI. JQuick is specifically designed with batch processing and simplicity in mind. Requires JCompMod module. Graphics
Jsize 1.01 J. David Barrow - -
Utility which displays the pixel size, pixel density and size in inches and centimetres of any JPEG dropped on it.
JSW - - - -
Junior Database - Iota Software Ltd - -
The Junior Database is designed for children of all ages. It is designed as a powerful way to learn all about databases and their uses in society. DBMS
Junior Insight - Logotron - -
Junior Insight makes data logging easy for younger pupils to understand.
Junior Librarian - Micro Librarian Systems (MLS) £816.63 -
A self-service library management system for primary and middle schools.
Junior PinPoint 2.02c Logotron - 3.70-3.70
Junior PinPoint is designed to introduce young children to data handling techniques.
Junior Sibelius - Sibelius Software Ltd £55.00 -
Old! JvScript - - - -
Javascript authoring program Programming

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