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Developers - J

RegDeveloper [Distributor]Products
J. Abbott / Nick Smith
J. David Barrow
J. Rays?
Jacaranda Software
Jaffa Software
James Robinson
Non-commercial/freeware developer.
Tel: 07899 820327 Email: JamesR@bishgore.baglanit.org.uk
James Taylor
Address: 27 Glebe Cottages, Hampton Hill, Middlesex, TW13 6HG England
Tel: 0701-070 8097 Email: james@oakseed.demon.co.uk
Jamie Michael
Jan Ganzevles
Email: jan.ganzevles@wanadoo.nl
Jason Tribbeck
Contact: Jason Tribbeck
Old! Jenart Design Dust Covers
Jeremy Poulter
Jim Hawkins
Jim Lesurf
Old! John Alldred
John Allen
Email: john@bramber.org.uk
John Duffell
John Duffell
Old! John Kortink (1st Entry)
Email: kortink@inter.nl.net
John Kortink (2nd Entry)
Email: kortink@inter.nl.net
John M. Jakobsson
John Noble
John Pettigrew
Email: john-p@innocent.com
John Scott
Address: WheelMouse, 3 Meadows Edge, Middridge, Newton Aycliffe,Co. Durham, DL5 7JR
John Skingley (Formerly Circle Software)
[4th (Fourth) Dimension]
Further Information
Address: P.O. Box 36, Bodmin, PL30 4YY
Contact: John Skingley Tel: 01208 850790 Email: Sales
John Tytgat
Freelance RISC OS related software writer.
Tel: +32 9 233 97 80 Email: John.Tytgat@barco.com
John Williams
Jonathan Cooper
Co-author of MP3name and ID32CSV.
Jonathan Duddington
Jonathan Hunt
Jonathan Marten
Jonathan Rawle
Old! Jordanhill College of Education
Joss J Smith
Julian Robbins
Justin Fletcher

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