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TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
64Coder - John Allen - -
For coding and decoding base64 attachments to email or newsgroups
AcornICQ 0.21.1 Angelo Melis £10.00 ?-4.02
An ICQ client. ICQ is a way of communicating messages, web links (URL's) and files across the Internet. It differs from similar technologies such as IRC in that the client does not have to follow channels.
ANT Internet Suite 2.02 -
£116.33 ?-4.20
Complete Internet software suite, including JavaScript-capable web browser and SSL module.
Old! ANT Server Suite 1.30 -
£116.33 ?-4.02
Multi-user Internet software suite with server support.
Old! ANTfix - - - -
Old! ANTterm - - - -
AntUtils 1.40 Paul Vigay £10.00 ?-4.02
An add-on for the ANT Suite.
Archie - - - -
An archie client; a tool to allow you to search FTP servers for files.
Old! ArcWeb 1.56 Stewart Brodie - 3.70-3.70
Attacher 1.03a John Allen - ?-4.02
Utility to decode or encode email attachments
AutoDNS - Stewart Brodie - -
AutoFAQ - - - -
Automatically sends a FAQ to a newsgroup
BitchX - - - -
The popular Unix IRC client.
Bookmaker - Nick Roberts - -
Stand-alone of the address book application written for the Argo Voyager Suite. Compatible with Hotlist files from ArcWeb, WebsterXL, Fresco and Browse and with the email address books of Posty, Messenger and Marcel.
Bookmaker 1.67 - FREE -
A hotlist and address book manager that supports all major RISC OS browsers. most email clients and other internet tools.
Bookmaker - Nick Roberts - -
Old! Bookworm - - - -
Browse 2.06 - - -
An upgrade to Acorn's !Browse.
Browse 2.07 - - ?-4.02
An upgrade to Acorn's !Browse.
Build - ARMage Software FREE -
Utility for incorporating Ordnance Survey map data into your web pages.
Buttons 1.04b - - ?-4.02
Website button designer. Buttons is able to create buttons with anti-aliased text on the foreground with optional shadow, font, size, aspect, colour, border width. It also features scalable backgrounds, rounded corners and much more.
CacheFS - David O'Shea - -
Filing system that allows you to browse the Browse WebServe page cache offline.
Cacheman - - - -
Allows Fresco browser users to inspect, save or delete files stored in its Web Cache. An updated version of Robert Hampton's program.
Cassia - - £7.00 -
A cacheing program for use with Oregano. Integrates with R-Comp's DialUp.
ChangeISP - Paul Vigay - -
Allows you to easily manage multiple ISPs (upto 25) from a single copy of the ANt Internet Suite.
ChatServ 0.04 - - 3.10-?
KA9q style chat server.
Chockcino - Peter Naulls - -
Java 1.1 Virtual Machine (JVM)
DeBinHex 0.04 Alex Howarth FREE ?-4.02
If you receive an email with an attachment sent from an Apple Macintosh, the attachment may be encoded in BinHex. DeBinHex allows you to decode Apple BinHex files.
DeTNEF - - - -
Decodes winmail.dat files attached to emails.
DialUp 1.35 R-Comp £20.00 3.10-4.02
A dialup networking system to simplify Internet connectivity. Uses the same configuration files (.INS) that ISPs supply for Windows. Works with WebsterXL, Browse, Fresco, etc. Automatic disconnect after a mail/news transfer.
Old! DNServer - - - -
DNS server
Draw2Flash - Henrik Pedersen - -
Accepts a Draw file and generates a script file suitable for use with !MakeFlash.
DrawPlug 1.02 - - ?-4.02
A DrawFile plugin for web browsers.
Old! EasyHTML - - - -
Enhanced Web Designer's Toolkit - R-Comp £30.00 ?-4.02
Visual editing of frames, tables, animation, image maps etc.
FidoMail - Squirrel Solutions - -
FTN mail client package
Figlet - Interconnex UK Ltd FREE -
A utility for creating large text from ordinary ASCII characters. Ideal for signatures or email text.
FileFetch - Chris Rogers - -
Flash 0.49c Leo Smiers FREE 3.50-4.02
Web browser plug-in to enable viewing of Flash files. It is designed for browsers which use Acorn's plug-in format - it has been sucessfully tested with Fresco v2.02 and v2.13.
Flash 0.410.1.1 - FREE -
A plugin for web browsers to enable you to view Flash files.
Old! Freenet - - - -
FreeSMTP 1.38 - - -
FreeTerm - 20-20 Software - -
Freeware version of Voyager Terminal Emulator
FreeTime 1.12 - - 3.10-4.02
Time client. Connects to an Internet time server and set your computer's clock to the correct time
Fresco 2.13 -
- ?-4.02
Web browser
FresUtils 1.03 Digital Phenomena £5.00 ?-4.02
A stripped down version of AntUtils, containing just the bits that are of relevance to Fresco - such as launching search engines, toggling cookies/Javascript on and off and altering the various faking options.
Old! FTP client 2.07 -
- ?-3.70
FTP client.
FTPc 1.37 - FREE ?-4.02
Internet File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client. Supports resume upload/download of files, very useful for large file transfers over modems.
Old! GMail - - - -
Gmail allows you to use the RISC OS command prompt or a task window to type email messages with all the features you're used to like address book, signature files and custom configuration.
GnuPG - Stefan Bellon - -
GWwatch - - - -
Sets an appropriate RISC OS system variable depending on whether or not a Linux box on the network is connected to the Internet.
HSC 0.916 - FREE ?-4.02
HSC is an HTML pre-processor - it reads files written in a pseudo-HTML format and converts them into proper HTML files by performing various operations - syntax check, presence of local links, strips white space, runs macros.
HTML3 3.53 - FREE ?-4.02
A macro inserter for creating web pages.
HTMLEdit 4+ 4.38 R-Comp £53.00 ?-4.02
Web page editor with support for HTML 4, full page checking, linking, image handling and highly advanced site development tools. Does foreign character/top bit set translation.
HTMLEdit Studio 4.32 R-Comp £105.00 ?-4.02
Web authoring suite comprising HTMLEdit 4+, Web Designer's Toolkit 2, WebSpell and WebsterXL.
HTMLGraph 0.10 - FREE ?-4.02
Creates graphs in HTML format. No images are involved in the output. Just raw HTML. It supports limited CSV loading.
HTMLhlpr 1.04 Owen Griffin - ?-4.02
HTMLhlpr helps you to write HTML code. It lists the different attributes of the tags and enables you to edit them easily.
HTTPSharer 0.01 beta John Duffell - -
HTTPSharer is capable of serving files to the local machine and also assembling directory listings.
ifping - - - -
ImageMap2 2.44 David McCormack FREE -
A graphical image map creator for web pages supporting the creation of CERN, NSCA and client side HTML maps. It also supports the loading of multiple maps at any one time and can act as a PCA client.
Old! Imagen - - - -
An image map editor.
ImagePrxy - - £39.99 -
HTTP cacheing proxy server.
InterLink - - - -
An application to collate Acorn's Internet programs Browse, Mail and Connect.
Old! Java 0.74 - - -
An upgrade to Acorn's Java.
Old! Java 0.76 - - -
An upgrade to Acorn's Java.
Old! JFProxy - - - -
Proxy server for telnet, IRC, HTTP, SMTP, finger and POP
LIRC 1.81 - FREE ?-4.02
Useful IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client; features unlimited windows, extensive language, logging, flood protection.
Lynx - - - -
The popular Unix text-based browser.
Old! Mail-Lock - - - -
Encrypt mail folder
MakeFlash - Henrik Pedersen - -
Takes script files (which you can write with any text editor) and uses them to generate Flash illustrations. It is possible to generate animated vector images that respond to mouse clicks.
MakeTable 0.2 Argo Interactive Group FREE -
CSV/TSV to HTML table converter.
Old! Marcel 1.46 -
- ?-3.70
Email program
Messenger - - FREE -
Mail/news reader.
Messenger Pro 2.10 R-Comp £30.00 ?-4.02
An email and news client for organising your email and news groups.
Messenger Pro Online 2.10 R-Comp £40.00 ?-4.02
An email and news client for organising your email and news groups. Online version for IMAP/NNTP network mail and news.
MimeMap 0.03 - - 3.10-?
Mimemap file for RISC OS Mimemapper module (i.e. ).
Mimemap module 0.10 - - -
MoveSite 0.33 Tudor? £10.00 ?-4.02
MoveSite will copy and convert the files of an Acorn-based web site to PC format - site/html becomes SITE/HTM, picture/jpeg becomes PICTUR/JPG. MoveSite changes references in the HTML files to the new name and copies a 1 level deep directory structure.
Navaho Server Suite - Navaho Internet FREE -
ncftp2 - - - -
Console based ftp client
NetFetch - - - -
NetFetch is DialUp without the dialling. If your internet connection is via a network, router or other 'always on' method (able, ADSL etc.) then NetFetch is for you.
Netplex - David Thomas £41.13 3.10-?
A World Wide Web server for RISC OS. Allows you to run your own web site from your computer, either on a local network, or across the whole Internet.
Netplex - Warm Silence Software (WSS) £41.13 3.10-?
A World Wide Web server for RISC OS. Allows you to run your own web site from your computer, either on a local network, or across the whole Internet.
NetTime 1.05 - FREE -
An online time calculator which tracks the amount of time spent online per month.
Newshound 1.41 - FREE 3.10-4.02
News fetcher. For news fetching and sending.
NewsStrip - Pirate King - -
Nutmeg - - £20.00 -
Cacheing and site-saving software for users of Oregano.
Olympic - John M. Jakobsson - -
Oregano 1.05 Oregan Networks Ltd
[Castle Technology Limited (CTL)]
£57.58 3.50-4.02
Web browser with support for HTTP 1.1, HTML 3.2, frames, tables, JavaScript 1.4, SSL 3.0, PNG, JPEG, GIF, plug-in support for Java etc., & support for future plug-ins. It also provides support for Unicode (Asian scripts) & TrueType fonts.
PGP 2.6.3ia Nat M. Queen - -
PHP 4.0.2 Alex Waugh FREE ?-4.02
'PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor' is an HTML-embedded scripting language based on C, Java and Perl. The goal is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. The scripts are interpreted by the server.
Pluto 1.13f Jonathan Duddington
Mailing List ()
- -
Mail/news reader.
POPStar 2.02a - FREE 3.10-4.02
POP3 mail fetcher and SMTP sender. Email fetching and sending.
PPPdriver 2.30 - FREE ?-4.02
PPP is a network that allows two computers to exchange IP packets over serial lines.
qedit 0.58k - - -
Newsbase/ANT outgoing queue viewer.
QuickVoy 0.34 Richard Murray - -
A replacement for Voyager's dialler that runs in a mere 128K.
RealAudio - - - -
RealAudio decoder
Old! RISCafe 0.76 - - ?-4.02
RiscFree (& RiscConfg) 1.61 Michael Curtis - 4.02-4.02
The RiscFree internet suite. Can read Windows .INS files.
RiscSearch 0.35 Patrick Mortara
Mailing List ()
A meta-search engine. It helps you find web pages about a certain topic by asking different search engines about that topic. It collects results from 10 different engines, sorts out duplicates, then presents all matches in your web browser.
RTVWCam 1.0 Daniel Barron - 3.10-4.03
Webcam software for use with a RiscTV and video camera. It automatically grabs frames and converts them to JPEGs and then uploads them to your site. Written in BASIC and easily modifiabe.
SiteHelp 0.02 - FREE ?-4.02
Help maintain your website with SiteHelp. Makes web pages easier to update.
SiteMaster 2 R-Comp £30.00 ?-4.02
Web site management system. A tool for managing and manipulating large web sites, or sites which are being updated regularly.
SiteMatch 1.09 Dave Edwards FREE ?-4.02
A utility to synchronise your uploaded Web site with a local copy on your computer's hard disc. Includes a choices file and the ability to use FTPc instead of sFTP.
SiteSeer 1.07 R-Comp £25.00 ?-4.02
Web site grabbing tool for offline browsing.
SiteWriter 1.2 Dansoft Developments £60.00 3.10-4.02
Complete website authoring tool. Web design has never been easier; simply draw your pages and let SiteWriter worry about coding the pages in HTML.
Slash2dot - Patrick Mortara - -
Utility to convert names of email attachments from, say, 'name/zip' to 'name.zip'.
Socketeer 0.17 - - -
Sound plug-in - - £10.00 -
A sound plug-in for web browsers.
SPDFTPs - - - -
FTP server.
SVG - - £10.00 ?-4.02
An SVG browser plug in. Allows you to display scalable vector graphic images. Can also be used as a stand-alone product. SVG images can be exported in Draw format.
Syslog 0.17 - - -
Old! TalkerD - - - -
ESockets talker environment
TCP/IP Stack 5 - - -
TCP/IP Stack 4 - - -
Termite Internet (Defunct) 1.3 DoggySoft - ?-4.02
Internet software
Old! Text2Html - John Alldred - -
The Web Designer's Toolkit 2 - - £30.00 ?-4.02
Additional tools and editors to extend the functionality of the HTMLEdit application, including visual frame, table and animation tools.
Tidy 6th May 2000 Alex Macfarlane Smith FREE ?-4.02
Port of Dave Raggett's program which tidies HTML.
TimeServer 0.01 - - 3.10-?
Time server.
UUcoder 1.23 John Allen - -
For coding and decoding uuencoded email attachments.
Voyager Internet Suite - Argo Interactive Ltd - ?-4.02
Internet suite provided free to ArgoNet ISP subscribers.
Old! Web Dev Toolkit - - - -
WebChange 2 (1st Entry) 2 Soft Rock Software £15.00 3.10-4.02
Tool to aid those writing web pages by hand
WebChange 2 (2nd Entry) 1.07 - £12.00 3.10-4.02
Tool to aid those writing web pages by hand
WebChange 2 Lite 1.07 Soft Rock Software FREE 3.10-4.02
Tool to aid those writing web pages by hand
Old! Webcolour - - - -
Webcolour is an aid to web page design. Drop in your GIF background and experiment with foreground and background colours via a RISC OS colour picker.
WebGet 0.17 - - -
Recursive web fetcher.
Webite - - - -
HTML 3.2 web browser that was part of Doggysoft's Termite Internet package.
WebJames 0.29 Alex Waugh FREE ?-4.02
An HTTP/web server. Features include redirection, cache, cgi-script interface, password protection and much more. Ideal for use with PHP. Originally written by Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen.
WebJames 0.25 Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen FREE -
An HTTP/web server. Features include redirection, cache, cgi-script interface, password protection and much more. Ideal for use with PHP.
WebMaster - CD-Circle, The - -
WebProxy 0.064 Alex Macfarlane Smith - -
Acts as a web proxy using Acorn's fetcher modules.
WebSpell - R-Comp £15.00 ?-4.02
Allows spell checking of your web sites and text files (includes Dutch and German dictionaries: French dictionary available from RComp's Web site).
WebSpider 1.50a Dalriada Data Technology £60.00 -
Webster XL 1.97 R-Comp £25.00 ?-4.02
Web browser with full support for frames, tables, animation, forms, sound and JavaScript plus supports 40 and 128-bit SSL and plug-in support for Macromedia Flash animations.
Old! WebTool 1.1 -
£29.38 ?-4.02
Downloads web sites for offline browsing (needs ANT Internet Suite).
Web_Gen 1.20 Argo Interactive Group FREE -
Generates a complete website gallery from a directory of images. It can handle BMP, old style and deep sprites and GIFs in addition to TIFF and JPEG as the source and convert to ready-to-view HTML pages.
Zonk 1.35 - FREE ?-4.02
Make HTML pages from text datafiles and templates.

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