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Software Products - Special Needs

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
ArtSchool - Micro Studio - Sn -
Easy-to-use painting program for primary, junior and special needs pupils.
Be My Valentine - Scenario 90 Ltd - Sn -
Be My Valentine is a light-hearted and ingenious program which produces personalised poetry - romantic, tongue-in-cheek, or even a little satirical.
Cartoons 3.1 StrongArm Systems - Sn 3.10-?
A simple task of immediate recognition memory for the young and/or seriously disabled. Automatic adjustment of difficulty based on performance.
DotTest - Royal London Society for the Blind - Sn -
DotTest allows those who are following the Birmingham Braille course to practise the braille exercises.
Dyspell - Sally Systems Ltd - Sn -
Spelling and Reading for dyslexics and others. Comprehensive tutorials and progressive games. Can be tailored for each child.
Old! Explore with Flossy the Frog - - £28.79 Sn -
Interactive fiction with superb animations for children up to the age of eight years and for those with special needs.
Jiglet (Defunct) - 4mation - Sn -
A version of Jigsaw designed for younger children and those with special needs. It comes complete with a set of 16 pictures.
JobSearch - Panda Discs - Sn -
Materials designed for Special Needs Work Preparation students.
Keyfix - David Pilling FREE Sn ?-4.02
Provides locks for the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys and provides a mouse emulator. Intended for those with problems using the keyboard and mouse.
Old! Noot 1.00 - £32.31 Sn ?-4.02
Interactive animation package for education. Consists of two apps - Noot and NootPad - and six Noot files (Dweek, Dweep, Farm, Playroom, Power and How It Works)
Poster 1.69 - £69.91 Sn ?-4.02
An object-based DTP and design package for the creation of eye-catching single-sheet posters. Contains unusual outline fonts, interesting borders and clipart.
Saver Software - Honeypot - Sn -
Multisensory environment monitoring and reporting software for use with the Honeypot Saver Box in interactive multisensory rooms.
Special - ICS (Defunct) - Sn -
Provides easy access, using the mouse, to special characters not readily available from the keyboard.
Text to Braille Translation Program - Royal London Society for the Blind - Sn -
This is a text to Grade 2 Braille translation program with a facility for output to a suitable Braille embosser.
TinyArt Plus - Topologika Software (1st Entry) £35.25 KS1 KS2 Sn -
Draw and paint, and then turn your pictures into jigsaw puzzles using the supplied Tiny Puzzle utility.
WordMatch 3.1 StrongArm Systems - Sn 3.10-?
A variation of Pelmanism requiring the user to match the hidden\npairs of simple words. Performance on the program specifically\nrequires attention and immediate memory for location and word.\n6 levels of difficulty with automatic adjustment.

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