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Last Updated: 02 Nov 2006

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This is an historic record of the orginal RISC OS Products Directory for reference and research purposes.

The RISC OS Products Directory web site was originally commissioned by RISCOS Limited for the benefit of "The RISC OS Community". Over time much of the data contained in it has become obsolete and so a decision was taken to set up a new site, totally dedicated to establishing up to date links and contacts.

What is RISC OS?

In case you're wondering what RISC OS is, then why not read all about it first.

This web site gives details of all the RISC OS computer manufacturers and lists many developers, software products, hardware products and publications for the RISC Operating System that existed around 2004. There is even a list of RISC OS file types and their relationship to RISC OS applications and foreign file extensions.


When viewed online from http://productsdb.riscos.com rather than locally, any page on this web site may be searched for a word or phrase.

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Please do tell all your friends in "The RISC OS Community" about this web site and get them to add it to their hotlist.

Should you purchase RISC OS 4 on the strength of the information on this web site, please do let us know! Should you purchase a new machine from Castle or Advantage 6 on the strength of the information on this web site, please do let them know!


  • A symbol against an entry means that the entry has recently been added, updated or simply looked at.
  • The word 'Old!' against an entry means that the entry is over a year old; your help in getting it updated would be greatly appreciated.
  • All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT (a tax in the UK) at 17.5%.
  • A company name shown in square brackets indicates that it is a distributor or a new owner.

What To Do If You Can't Find What You Want

If you come across a hyperlink that goes nowhere, try holding down Shift whilst clicking on the hyperlink to open a new browser window; you will then be able to try deleting the hyperlink bit by bit to see if any of it leads anywhere.

For example, if:


does not work, try:

'www.somesite.co.uk/somedirectory/' or

If you can't find what you want, please do email us and give us the opportunity to locate the information you seek.

How Was This Web Site Created?

The HTML pages and RTF file constituting this web site were generated by a BBC BASIC program. A DataPower2 database was saved as a CSV file; it was then used as input to the BBC BASIC program which processed it and produced the HTML pages and RTF file.


This web site has 4696 entries. This includes details about 2923 RISC OS products; when broken down into operating system compatibility, the available statistics (applicable to only 970 of the above) are as follows:

VersionNumber of Products
RISC OS Select (4.2x)3
(See note below)
RISC OS 4.0330
(See note below)
RISC OS 4.02720
RISC OS 3.7x160
RISC OS 3.60100
RISC OS 3.50104
RISC OS 3.1x172
RISC OS 3.009
RISC OS 2.008

Most RISC OS 4.02 applications should also run on RISC OS 4.03 and RISC OS Select; if you know this for definite with a particular application, please do let us have details.

The figure of 2923 includes 1953 products of which no RISC OS compatibility information is currently available; your help in this respect would be greatly appreciated.

There are 1317 entries over a year old; any help you can give about these would also be greatly appreciated.

Data Protection Act

Should you wish certain information about yourself to be removed from this web site, please let us know by email.

Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript

Although these pages use Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript, it is not essential that you have them on your computer.

Test Page

Should some of the characters used within this web site not display correctly on your particular computer or browser, please take a look at our test page and let us know what's gone wrong.

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