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Software Products - Geography

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
Old! 10 out of 10 - Geography - 10 out of 10 Educational Systems £13.49 -
Old! AEGIS 2 - Advisory Unit for Computers in Education, The £100.00 -
Lets you display, combine and select geographical information. Databases, spreadsheets and graphs can be integrated with maps.
Around the World in 80 Days - Sherston Software £44.95 -
Contains activities introducing children to a wide range of geographical skills such as grid references, longitude and time zones, latitude, contours, bearings and European and world geography.
Earth and Atmosphere - AVP £69.00 -
PictureBase CD addressing the physical aspects of the Earth and its atmosphere.
EarthMap 1.00 John Kortink (2nd Entry) FREE ?-4.02
EarthMap is an electronic globe. It draws on a huge database consisting of 5,719617 line segments, describing co-ordinates and shapes of a number of natural and man-made features on Earth.
Essential Geography - AVP - -
Six games.
Exploring Maps - Granada Learning Ltd £59.99 -
Introduces the concept of maps and mapping through three sections - What is a map?, Working with maps and Map Skills.
Globe Maker - Soft Teach Educational - -
Japan Atlasfile - Anglia Multimedia
£58.75 KS3 KS4 -
Essential for the study of Japan
Landmarks series - Logotron £27.00 -
Langdale - Creative Curriculum Software - -
A massive Geography resource for the study of river development, land form and land use.
Langdale Primary - Creative Curriculum Software £99.00 -
A study of the Langdale Valley in the Lake District using OS maps, diagrams and ground photographs, statistics, charts and sounds.
Local Studies - Soft Teach Educational £45.00 -
Learn map symbols, grid references and draw own local maps.
Map Detectives - Sherston Software £50.17 -
Full of mystery and fun, this requires children to make decisions which will affect the course of their adventure. The contents include grid references, distance and scale, map symbols, compass skills and route planning.
Old! Map Importer - Minerva Software £29.95 2.00-4.02
Converts Ordnance Survey digital map data to !Draw.
Map Skills - Pebbleshore Information £49.95 -
Complete packs useful for a wide age group. Topics include grid references and following a route on an OS map. As well as the disc, the package includes two OS maps (Plymouth and Telford), worksheets and teacher's notes.
Maps and Landscapes (Vol1 & 2) - AVP £25.00 -
Demos, games and test/practice programs on contour lines, landscape cross-sections, scales and directions. You can demonstrate the same area-map in 4 or more different scales.
Navigator - Topologika Software (2nd Entry) £45.00 -
Load in maps and navigate around them. Uses compass points, turtle graphics, co-ordinates, latitude/longitude, Ordnance Survey, bearings and vectors.
Our World Complete Pack - Chalksoft - -
Many features can be investigated by the child with colour photographs, maps, information, rainfall and temperature records at each location around the world.
Oxford Talking Infant Atlas - Sherston Software £22.32 -
Based on the printed version of the Oxford Infant Atlas, here children can explore the atlas at their own pace.
Round the World Yacht Race - - £29.95 -
Simulates British Steel Challenge Round the World Yacht Race.
Smudge Discovers the World - - £45.99 -
Equips children with basic geographical skills.
Topographer - Clares Micro Supplies Ltd - 3.70-3.70
Old! Topographer 2D 1.00 Clares Micro Supplies Ltd - ?-4.02
Allows you to create 2D maps and get a 3D view of the features.
Old! Topographer 3D 1.00 Clares Micro Supplies Ltd £35.00 ?-4.02
Create maps using Ordnance Survey symbols and then view them in 3D from any viewpoint and height.
Village Life in India - Actionaid - -
Weather Station - - £38.50 -
Record daily weather readings and then display them on screen and in print.
Weather Watch - - £45.00 -
Database with information on min/max temperatures, rainfall, cloud cover, wind speed, wind direction and air pressure can be entered and printed out as a bar chart, barline chart, scatter graph or line chart
WeatherMapper - TAG Developments Ltd £39.95 -
Information about climate, weather systems, charts and folklore.
World Population Atlasfile - Anglia Multimedia
£58.75 KS3 KS4 -
A significant tool for geographical study

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