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Software Products - Music

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
Amp 2 - - ?-4.02
A general purpose music player (including audio MPEG) in the vein of Windows program, WinAMP (and uses the same skin files).
AMPlayer 1.26 - FREE ?-4.02
The best way of playing MPEG encoded digital music.
AMPlayer 1.35 - FREE 3.50-?
An MP3 player.
Ample - - - -
Music writing language based on Forth syntax.
Anthem 2.10 R-Comp £70.00 ?-4.02
Feature-packed MIDI recording and sequencing package.
Armadeus 1.00 Clares Micro Supplies Ltd - 3.70-4.02
Sound sampling package which allows you to record the input in a digital form which can then be manipulated in a variety of ways.
Armadillo - - - -
ArmEdXG - Score Machine, The - -
RISC OS control application for Yamaha XG devices, fulfilling the same function as XGEdit on PC/Mac platforms, that enables Acorn computer owners to control XG devices.
AudioCD 1.13 Jonathan Hunt FREE ?-4.02
Play and control audio CDs. Simulates all normal CD player functions such as play, stop, track search, cue and review. Can also display the name of the CD and track titles.
AudioFS2 - Jonathan Hunt FREE -
Enables you to open filer windows for audio CDs, with each track on the CD being represented by a separate file. These files can be dragged to your hard drive for later playback.
AudioPort - - - -
Provides full SPDIF (Sony/Phillips Digital Interface Format) input and output of audio data, with the option of an add-on external unit to give analogue in and out.
AudioWorks 1.47 Computer Concepts Ltd - 3.70-4.02
A sound editing software package designed to work with the standard Archimedes speaker, or sample and play back to more advanced audio boards.
Aureole - Expressive Software Projects (ESP) - -
Part of ESP's Media Pack. Aureole records the output from SharedSound IIRC.
BladeEnc 0.82 Paul Johnson FREE 3.70-4.02
Audio MPEG encoder. Contains the source files and manual. Needs a StrongARM.
BWGSMPlay - Beebware Software - -
GenSound player
CD Player 1.14 - - ?-4.02
Compose - Expressive Software Projects (ESP) - -
An exciting and rewarding program that allows you to compose tunes easily and quickly. It appeals to all ages and ability levels.
Compose World - Expressive Software Projects (ESP) £56.40 -
Based on the COMPOSE program. Short phrases of music are represented as pictures/words which can be used in any combination to compose a tune.
DataPlayer - - - ?-4.03
A sample player. It can play the output from dmpa and also CD tarcks using SampleCD or AudioFS.
Debbie - Lenny - -
Provides basic control of an XG synthesizer card
DeskSP - Yellowstone Electronic Solutions Ltd £44.95 -
Digital Sound Processor
Old! Desktop Tracker - VTI (Defunct) - -
Easy to use 16-track sample based sequencer. No extra hardware required.
Digital Symphony 1.31 - £49.95 -
Bringing the power and versatility of a professional music sequencing studio to your home.
DigitalCD 2.48 - FREE 3.10-4.02
A Desktop music player with independent control panels for any connected CD drive. Can load MIDI files. Supports Mods,ArcTrackers,Digital Symphony,Matrix,MTM,ULT,PTM,S3M,XM,IT files & Armadeus,Sun Audio,Audioworks,Psion A-law,Infocom & Creative Voice.
DigitalCD - - - -
Plays Symphony files created by Oregan's Digital Symphony.
EMR - Mike Beecher - -
ESP MIDI Synthesiser - Expressive Software Projects (ESP) £58.69 -
Software General MIDI (GM) synthesiser.
GrabSound - - - -
Allows you to redirect the sound produced by 16-bit aware modules (TimPlayer,PlayIt,AudioMPEG,AMPlayer, etc.) into a WAV file.
Junior Sibelius - Sibelius Software Ltd £55.00 -
Karelia2 - Q-Tec £64.63 -
Karelia is a MIDI file playerdesigned especially to provide extensive control over Yamaha's superset of General MIDI called XG.
Old! Keyboard Trainer - Minerva Software £19.00 -
A new enjoyable method of learning the piano.
KeyCD 1.02 Jonathan Hunt FREE ?-4.02
Control the CD player from the keyboard no matter what else the computer is doing. E.g. you could be playing a game and still change tracks, stop, start, eject, etc.
Old! KeyNote - - - -
Music typesetting
Lives of the Great Composers - AVP £81.08 -
Provides essential background material to enrich the teaching of music by vividly capturing the lives and times of some of the greatest composers.
MIDI Support - Expressive Software Projects (ESP) £18.80 -
MIDI drivers and mapping software for RISC OS MIDI hardware and software.
MIDI Support - R-Comp £19.00 -
MIDI drivers and mapping software for RISC OS MIDI hardware and software.
Old! Midi1to0 - - - -
Converts MIDI format 1 to MIDI format 0
Midiphile 0.20 Lenny - -
A utility for use with MIDI files. Produces a detailed description of, or strips unwanted data from, MIDI files
MidiPlugin - Dave Ward - -
A MIDI plug-in for Browse users; works with wither an add-on hardware MIDI synthesiser card or one of the RISC OS software MIDI synthesisers. Requires Rob Smith's Ethereal module.
MidiWorks - - £159.95 -
Midiworks Lite - - £99.95 -
Mixer - Lenny - -
Provides volume control over the internal sound system
Music Studio 32 1.01 Logotron - ?-4.02
Notate A1.2a Logotron - -
Notate provides an introduction to musical composition and the conventions of written music for children of all ages.
PC Sound Pro 2 2.01 R-Comp £35.00 ?-4.02
Provides sound and MIDI improvements with the RiscPC PC x86 card, and required for MIDI input to the PC card.
Old! PlayAMPEG 1.11 - FREE ?-4.02
Uses a TaskWindow to multitask dmpa, an audio MPEG decoder/player.
PlayAnton 1.2 Tudor? £10.00 ?-4.02
An audio CD player with some extra features. When learning the score it is sometimes useful to repeat a selected passage again and again. This is one of the features that makes PlayAnton different.
PlayIt 1.64 - - -
A disc-based engine for playing sound samples. It supports Armadeus,ARMovie, Audio IFF,AudioWorks,CD Audio,Creative Voice,DataVox,IFF/8SVX,Infocom,Psion A-law,SunAudio,Symphony and WAV.
PlaySnd 1.72 - - -
PlaySound 1.75beta4 Mark Scholes - -
Front-end to Rick Hudson's !PlayIt module
ProSound - - £99.95 -
QTMPlay 2.29 - - -
Rhapsody 3 - Clares Micro Supplies Ltd £25.00 -
Music scoring and playback program, using traditional notation (uses internal sounds or MIDI).
Rhapsody 4 4.09 Clares Micro Supplies Ltd £94.95 ?-4.02
Score writing program designed to allow the creation and editing of musical scores. Use with just the computer or with a MIDI keyboard.
Rhythm Maker - Expressive Software Projects (ESP) £39.95 -
Versatile rhythm pattern editing and sequencing program.
Rhythm-Bed 1.24 Clares Micro Supplies Ltd £20.00 3.70-4.02
Drum/percussion sequencing program for use with MIDI or internal sounds.
Old! RiscAMP 1.01 - £10.00 ?-4.02
A fully featured desktop audio MPEG player, with playlist and support for skins.
Sampler - - - 4.03-4.03
Supplied with RiscStation computers.
Old! ScoreDraw - Clares Micro Supplies Ltd - 3.70-3.70
A support program for Rhapsody 2 that produces high quality printout of music scores.
Serenade 1.12 Clares Micro Supplies Ltd £25.00 -
16 track MIDI sequencer designed specially for Acorn machines.
Serial Port MIDI - Expressive Software Projects (ESP) £39.95 -
Drivers for MIDI synthesisers with direct serial connections.
SharpEye Music Reader 1.15 Graham Jones (SharpEye)
£60.00 3.50-4.02
Converts a scanned image of printed music into a MIDI music file.
Sibelius - Sibelius Software Ltd - -
Sibelius 6 - Sibelius Software Ltd £105.00 -
A package for top quality music printing and editing.
Sibelius 7 3.52 Sibelius Software Ltd £525.00 3.70-4.02
A comprehensive 'expert system' for professional music engraving.
Sibelius 7 Student 3.05 Sibelius Software Ltd £320.00 ?-4.02
SmartCD+ 2.06 ARM Club, The - 3.70-4.02
Enhanced audio CD player application which remembers track lists, CD names and preferred tracks.
Sound Texture 16 (SndTxtu16) 1.01 Jonathan Hunt FREE ?-4.02
Sound Texture 16 is a small application that displays the 16-bit audio output from the computer as a scrolling, changing texture.
SoundCon 1.61 Rick Hudson - ?-4.02
Superseded by PlayIt.
SoundConv 1.61 - - -
STracker - - - -
SysExy - Lenny - -
MIDI system exclusive data recorder
Old! TRAX - Trax Software (2nd Entry) - -
A multi-track sequencer.
Old! TRAXSequencer - Trax Software (2nd Entry) - -
VoxBox - Clares Micro Supplies Ltd - -
A combination of four separate applications; Perform, VoxBeat, VoxSample and VoxSynth, which provides a very useful support suite for the Rhapsody program.
WavEdit 1.62 Robert Hancox £5.00 -
A simple disk based WAV file editor for use in the production of audio CDs. Most RAW linear PCM sound formats can be read. Incorporates PlayIt module for play back.

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