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Developers - A

RegDeveloper [Distributor]Products
A Jackson
A. Bradburne
Aard'vark Software
Old! AAUC, The
Ab Steeman
Abacus Training
Address: 29 Okus Grove, Upper Stratton, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 6QA, England
Contact: Gerald L Fitton Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1793 723347 Email: GoldLine@abacusline.demon.co.uk
Academic Software
Ace Computing (Defunct)
Contact: Tony Cheal
Acorn Computer Enterprises (ACE) Further Information
Address: Baroper Bahnhofstr. 55
Contact: Dr Ulrich Wittig and Jörg Leutnant Tel: +49 231 727 4260 Fax: +49 231 727 4261 Email: Sales
Acorn Computer Services (Europe)
Acorn Computers Ltd (Defunct)
Tel: 01460 62972
Adam Hamilton
Adri van Os
Advanced Computer Products (ACP) (Defunct)
Advisory Unit for Computers in Education, The
Advisory Unit for Microtechnology in Education
Alan Senior
Alan Trewartha
Email: alant@alant.demon.co.uk
Aleph One Ltd Further Information
Developers of PC compatibility products for RISCOS machines.
Address: The Old Courthouse, High Street, Bottisham, Cambridge, CB5 9BA, United Kingdom
Contact: Laurie van Someren & Wookey Tel: 01223 811679 / 01708 403028 Fax: 01223 812713 Email: Info
Alex Hopkins
Alex Howarth
Alex Macfarlane Smith
Email: archifishal@altavista.net
Alex Waugh
Email: ajw498@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Alexander Thoukydides
Alien Images
Alpha Programming
Contact: Marc Warne
Alpine Software
Alsystems Ltd Further Information
Address: 47 Winchester Road, Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 5HG
Contact: Keith Faulkner and Neil Farnham-Smith Tel: 01420 561111 Fax: 01420 561100 Email: Sales
Old! Alternative Publishing Ltd
Address: 30 Clyde Place, Glasgow G5 8AQ
Tel: 0141 418 0881 Fax: 0141 418 0889 Email: Support
Andre Timmermans
Address: Rue du Vert Coron 17, Peruwelz, 7600, Belgium
Email: Andre.Timmermans@sbs.be
Andreas Dehmel
Address: Orleansstr. 34, D-81667 Muenchen
Tel: 089 / 48095-218 Email: dehmel@forwiss.tu-muenchen.de
Andreas Schloegl
Email: aschloegl@aon.at
Andreas Schubert
Andreas Stroiczek
Andreas Zieringer
Andrew Booker
Email: ajb121@york.ac.uk
Andrew Hersee
Old! Andrew Sellors
Andrew Stubbs
Andrew Weston
Andrew Wood
Old! Andy Ling
Andy McMullon
Address: 40 Thorpe Place, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN4 4NU, England
Tel: 01526-342949 Email: skypilot@bigfoot.com
Angelo Melis
The developer of AcornICQ, hosted on Paul Vigay's site.
Email: angelo@kitt.nl
Old! Angelsoft Educational
Anglia Interactive
Anglia Multimedia
Address: Rouen House, Rouen Road, Norwich NR1 1RB
Tel: 01603 760000 Fax: 01603 284141 Email: postmaster@anglia.co.uk
Anglia Television Ltd
Old! ANT Ltd
Address: P.O. Box 300, Cambridge, CB1 1HZ
Tel: 01223-567808 Fax: 01223-567801 Email: Sales
AP Software
Old! APA Multimedia Ltd
APDL Further Information
Archimedes Public Domain Library
Address: 39 Knighton Park Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5RN England
Contact: David Holden Tel: 020 8778 2659 Fax: 020 8488 0487 Email: Info
Old! Appian Way Software Ltd
Applied Photophysics Ltd Further Information
Address: 203/205 Kingston Road, KT22 7PB
Contact: Dr Michael Carey and Dan Ellis Tel: 01372 386537 Fax: 01372 386477 Email: Sales
Apricote Studios (Now Accountz.com)
Address: 2 Purls Bridge Farm, Manea, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0ND
Tel: 01354 680808 or 01354 680432 Fax: 01354 680432 Email: quentin@apricote.com
Arachne Software
Ardo Software
Argo Interactive Group Further Information
Address: 7 Dukes Court, PO19 2FX
Contact: Richard Foster and Richard Goodwin Tel: 01243 815815 Fax: 01243 815805 Email: Sales
Argo Interactive Ltd
Address: 7 Dukes Court, Chichester, PO19 2FX
Tel: 0500 585 586 Email: Info
Address: 7 Dukes Court, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 2FX
Tel: 0500 586586 / 01243 815815 Fax: 01243 815805 Email: Sales
Old! Argonet Interactive Ltd
ARM Club, The
Address: The Membership Secretary, The ARM Club, Merton Court, Sidcup, Kent DA14 0BR
Tel: 07010 709 829 Email: chairman@armclub.org.uk
ARM Designs Further Information
Address: 36 Nettlecombe Avenue, PO4 0QW
Contact: Jason Tribbeck Tel/Fax: 01705 872399 Email: jason@tribbeck.com
Old! Arm Tech (UK) Ltd
Address: 86 Meadowbank, Moor Lane, Holway, Clwyd, Wales CH8 7EF
Tel/Fax: 01352 715840
ARMage Software
Address: 5 Far Lane,Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN5 0AH England
Contact: Malcolm & Andy Boura Tel: 01522-810927 Email: malcolm@armage.demon.co.uk
Old! ARMed Forces Software (Defunct)
Address: 38 Main Road, Littleton, Winchester, Hants. SO22 6QQ
Tel: (01962) 880591 Fax: (01962) 880003 Email: Sales
Old! ARMEDForces Software
Old! Armen Software
Armour Software
ArmTCP Group
Old! Arnor Ltd (Defunct)
Artamedia Ltd
Old! Artex Software
[R-Comp Interactive]
Developer of entertainment software for RISC OS and Network Computers.
Address: Feldbergstrasse 29, 60323 Frankfurt, Germany
Contact: Jan Klose Tel: +49 (0)69 800 27 23 Email: ArtexSoft@gmx.net
ArVis Multimedia Ltd
Ashiv Further Information
Aspex Software
Address: Heather House, Down Road, Tavistock, Devon PL19 9AG United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1822 611060 Fax: +44 (0)1822 611061 Email: Sales
Aston University Computing Services
Atomic Software
Address: 1 Fells Grove, Worsley, Manchester, M28 7JN
Contact: Roger W. Darlington Tel: 0161-799-9845 or (0161) 295 3399 Email: r.w.darlington@salford.ac.uk
Atomwide Ltd
Address: Unit 7, The Metro Centre, Bridge Road, Orpington, Kent. BR5 2BE England
Contact: Philip Chapman Tel: (01689) 814500 Fax: (01689) 814501 Email: Sales
Old! Attica Cybernetics Ltd
AU Enterprises Ltd
Avie Electronics
Old! AVP
Address: School Hill Centre, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, NP16 5PH, Wales, United Kingdom
Tel: 01291 625439 Fax: 01291 629671 Email: Sales
Axes Computer Solutions snc Further Information
Address: Sncdi Scaini Pierpaolo & C., Via C.Golgi, 7, 25064 Gussago(BS), Italy
Contact: Pierpaolo Scaini and Piera Buffoli Tel/Fax: +39 030 373 9001 Email: axes@axes.it

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