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Registered Developer - Argo Interactive Group
Argo Interactive Group
Address: 7 Dukes Court, PO19 2FX
Contact: Richard Foster and Richard Goodwin
Tel: 01243 815815
Fax: 01243 815805
Email: Sales
EasiReader - - -
Stand-alone reader and printer of Word 6/7 documents WP
EBMS (Electronic Business Management System) - - ?-4.02
Business management application. Finance
Hourkill 1.00 - -
Simple module which allows the hourglass to be killed by pressing a specific key combination at any time. OS
InfoZip - - ?-4.02
Create and extract files from 'zip' archives Compress
JQuick 2.00 FREE ?-4.02
An image conversion utility which uses ChangeFSI. JQuick is specifically designed with batch processing and simplicity in mind. Requires JCompMod module. Graphics
Makealias 3.3 - -
Creates aliases/shortcuts of any file, directory or aopplication. OS
MakeTable 0.2 FREE -
CSV/TSV to HTML table converter. Internet
Mirrors II - FREE -
NoButton 1.3 FREE -
A program to enable you to perform many printer test functions under RISC OS with the mouse. Printing
ProCAD+ - - -
ProCAM - - -
QuikTBA 1.02 - -
Useful frontend for TBAFS which allows images to be created even more easily.
Web_Gen 1.20 FREE -
Generates a complete website gallery from a directory of images. It can handle BMP, old style and deep sprites and GIFs in addition to TIFF and JPEG as the source and convert to ready-to-view HTML pages. Internet
Wubble - FREE -

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