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Registered Developer - Aleph One Ltd
Aleph One Ltd
Developers of PC compatibility products for RISCOS machines.
Address: The Old Courthouse, High Street, Bottisham, Cambridge, CB5 9BA, United Kingdom
Contact: Laurie van Someren & Wookey
Tel: 01223 811679 / 01708 403028
Fax: 01223 812713
Email: Info
PC Card - - -
This allows you to run Windows 3.1, 95 and 98 in a Risc PC; other podule versions are still available for older models. PCPro 3 is supplied as standard.
PC Pro 3 3.06 - ?-4.03
PC Pro, which supports Second Processor Cards in Risc PCs, continues to develop and has been enhanced steadily over the years.

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