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Developers - G

RegDeveloper [Distributor]Products
G. Neeus Enterprises
Address: Mount Pleasant Farm, Farmborough, Bath, Somerset, BA3 1BN
Old! GA Herdman Educational Software
Gareth Rampton
Gareth S. Long
Gary Wass
Gavin Dewer
Gavin Wraith
Email: gavin@wraith.u-net.com
Old! GEC Plessey Semiconductors
Old! Generation Design
Address: 2 Whitecliff Gardens, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 7BU
Tel: 01258-452507 Email: geoffh@gendes.freeserve.co.uk
GeneSys Further Information
Address: 41 Riviera Drive, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS1 2QT
Contact: Richard Brown Tel: 01702 462385 / 0850 553356 Fax: 01702 469224 Email: Sales
Geoff Youngs
Developer of JvScript.
Geraint Williams
Gert-Jan de Vos
Old! Gnome Computers Ltd
Developer of X server for RISC OS. Consultancy and installation of Networks, Unix systems and Risc PC Systems.
Contact: Chris Stenton Tel: 01480 356139 Fax: 01480 356140 Email: chris@gnome.co.uk
Old! Graeme Scott
Old! Graham Allan
Old! Graham Campbell
Graham Crow (Deceased)
Graham Jones (GhostScript)
Graham Jones (SharpEye)
Author of SharpEye Music Reader. Main interests are machine vision, AI, OCR, music-OCR.
Address: 21e Balnakeil, Durness, Lairg, Sutherland IV27 4PT, Scotland, UK
Email: Support
Graham Willmott
Granada Learning Ltd
Granada TV, Quay Street, Manchester, M60 9EA
Tel: 0161-827 2927 Fax: 0161-827 2966 Email: Sales
Old! Granta Consultancy, The
Grasshopper Software
Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd (Defunct)
Gremlin Interactive were brought by the French software group Infogrammes.
Greygum Software
Griffin & George
Guttorm Vik (Defected)
The original author of StrongEd.

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