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Hardware Products - A

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]Price
Old! A7000 backplane and fan kit - - -
Backplane and fan kit for Acorn A7000 computer
Acorn A-Link - Acorn Computers Ltd (Defunct) -
The A-Link connects the Pocket Book with Acorn 32-bit computers for transferring files.
Acorn Internal Modem Podule Card - -
[Surftec Ltd]
An internal 28.8K modem card that fits into an expansion slot. It does not require use of the serial port. It requires no external power.
AKF85 monitor - - -
A monitor with dual inputs.
Old! analogue-digital interface card - - -
AnDi Oddule - Baildon Electronics -
Provides 8-bits of digital I/O, four channels of 8-bit A/D, and one channel of 8-bit D/A conversion.
Apex - Millipede Electronic Graphics -
Apex is a double width expansion board (podule) for the 400 and 500 series computers.
Apex Imager - Millipede Electronic Graphics -
High performance broadcast videographics, image processing and digitising, expansion card with real-time alpha channel.
Archimedes Colour Video Digitiser (16-bit) - Pineapple Software -
Available in both 12-bit and 16-bit versions. It consists of a double width expansion card and associated software on disc.
Archimedes Compatible Replacement Mouse - CPC £10.89
A 3 button mouse (order code: CS00162) designed as a low cost replacement for existing Archimedes mice. The buttons use individual sealed microswitches for higher reliability. Connection is via 9-way mini DIN plug with 5ft of cable.
ArcIn IDE Podule - - -
ARM 710 Processor Upgrade - - -
An ARM 710 processor upgrade for Risc PCs.
Old! ArmSwitcher - Acorn Computer Enterprises (ACE) -
Allows you to switch between an ARM610/710 and a StrongARM in the same RiscPC.
ASdsp - Irlam Instruments Ltd -
Old! Audio Dynamics DMI-50 MIDI card - - -
Audio Mixer - Yellowstone Electronic Solutions Ltd £29.00
4 channel mixer for the Risc PC.
Old! Aura Acorn keyboard - Castle Technology Limited (CTL) -
Awesome 32-bit IDE Controller Card - MicroDigital Ltd £122.20
32-bit IDE controller card

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