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Software Products - Spreadsheets

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
Advantage 1.00d Logotron - 3.70-4.02
Advantage offers unrivalled spreadsheet performance at a budget price.
Old! Arch Spreadsheet - - - -
Cambridge Spreadsheet - Cambridgeshire Software House (CSH) - -
The Cambridge Spreadsheet is a simple to understand and use package specially designed as a first introduction to spreadsheets.
ConvS2WK1 - - - -
Utility, supplied with Schema, converts Schema files to Lotus 123 files.
DataSheet II - Kudlian Soft - KS2 KS3 -
A spreadsheet application developed as a natural progression from DataCalc and the DataSweet package.
Eureka 3 3.05 Logotron £110.51 3.70-4.03
Eureka is a state-of-the-art spreadsheet - a tool for calculating, analysing and presenting all kinds of numerical data.
FuzzySheet - ExpLAN Computers Ltd - -
A spreadsheet that deals with 'soft' or 'fuzzy' information. The cells can contain graphic items, adjusters or pictures.
Inter-Sheet 2 - Computer Concepts Ltd - -
A slightly enhanced version of the popular BBC spreadsheet program. It does not require the 6502 emulator, and runs faster than the BBC version.
Isis RFC3a - FREE 3.10-?
PD 123 - Abacus Training - -
PipeDream to Lotus 123, WK1 converter
PD123 - - - -
Utility, supplied with PipeDream, which converts PipeDream files to Lotus 123 files and vice-versa.
Resultz 1.04 Abacus Training - 3.70-4.02
Whether you want to analyse a classroom traffic survey or keep track of your finances, Resultz will get you the answers first.
Schema 2 1.05e Clares Micro Supplies Ltd £89.95 3.70-4.02
Fully-featured spreadsheet application for all RISC OS machines. It features a macro language as well as the usual spreadsheet facilities.
Old! Sheet - Tim Dilks - -
Textease Spreadsheet - - £45.83 -
Spreadsheet extension to the Textease family: powerful mathematical functions in a friendly, multimedia-capable environment. Requires Textease 2000.

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