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Software Products - Religion

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
Old! Aspects of Religion - Interactive Learning Productions Ltd - -
A fascinating wealth of multimedia information, investigating the eight major religions of the world.
HolyBible 1.99 ExpLAN Computers Ltd - -
Multimedia electronic Bible texts software in a variety of languages and with a vast range of resources.
HolyBible add-ons - ExpLAN Computers Ltd - -
HolyBible add-on modules.
HolyBible add-ons - Uffenkamp Computer Systeme (UCS) - -
HolyBible add-on modules.
Places of Worship - ExpLAN Computers Ltd £35.25 KS2 KS3 -
Educational 3D clip-art for Religious Education.
Seek - - - -
Utility to search for Bible references
Swahili New Testament module - ExpLAN Computers Ltd - -

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