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Software Products - Operating System Add-Ons

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
3D Patch - - - 3.50-?
AddSlash 10/01/00 - FREE ?-4.02
Add and trim DOS extensions from RISC OS files.
Old! Alarm - - - ?-3.70
Clock and alarm system
Allocate - Pineapple Software - -
Program which allows easier allocation of application names with Pineapple Software (who use to carry out the work on behalf of Acorn Computers Ltd).
Old! AltTab 0.20 Christopher Martin FREE 3.00-4.02
AltTab is a module that provides a facility similar to that in Windows 3 and up, where using the and key combination allows the user to switch easily between programs.
AppByType - Cherisha Software
- 3.10-4.02
File type identifier
AppleFS - - £39.95 -
Macintosh Filing System for high and low density discs and CD-ROMs.
AppsClock - Andrew Booker - -
Replaces the wording under the Apps icon with either the date, the time or the amount of memory left. This can be changed by clicking with Adjust on the Apps icon. Written by Andrew Booker.
Archimedes Disc Rescue - LOOKsystems - 3.70-3.70
A disc repair kit for the Archimedes.
Old! ARMLOCK - Digital Services Ltd (Defunct) - -
A software only utility installed on any RISC OS 3 computer with a hard disc to prevent unauthorised access to CMOS RAM or the designated files/directories.
Autofocus 1.17 - FREE ?-4.02
Sets input focus.
Old! AutoSave - Andrew Hersee - -
Automatic save utility
Backman 1.63.1 Namkas Software £10.00 3.10-4.02
A hard disc backup program with an automated timer facility.
Bubble Help - David Pilling - -
A replacement for the RISC OS interactive help application !Help. Provides the help information in a cartoon style bubble close to the mouse pointer.
CacheFS - - - -
CacheFS is basically a RAM disc that sits in a dynamic area that grows and shrinks as required and throws away files occassionally. It is only supplied with NC OS (the cut-down version of RISC OS).
Carriage - - - -
Reads in text only files and converts between the different standards for carriage returns and line feeds
CASE2Case - Robert Lytton - -
Strips a filename's extension, updates filetype and makes lower case. Works recursively.
CDFSFiler - - - -
CD filing system
CDROMFS - Warm Silence Software (WSS) £35.25 ?-4.02
A complete rewrite of the filing system part of CDFS. CDROMFS supports long mixed case filenames, Joilet format, mixed data and audio tracks.
CDStatus 1.03 Jonathan Hunt FREE ?-4.02
Displays various information about the current state of the CD-ROM drive. It can be used with both audio CDs and CD-ROMs.
CDViewer 2.00 beta Jeremy Poulter FREE ?-4.02
Replacement for Acorn's CDFS Filer
Change - - FREE ?-4.02
Change allows you to select upto 100 sprite files that you like and chooses one to display as your backdrop whenever you turn on your computer.
Chopper - - - -
Allows you to chop up and reassemble a large file for transportation from one machine to another by floppy disc.
Old! ClipBoard - - FREE -
Examine the contents of RISC OS's global clipboard.
ClipMan 0.65 Mad Cow Software FREE 3.50-4.02
An application for managing the RISC OS global clipboard.
CloseFile 1.15 - FREE ?-4.02
Very handy utility for closing files left open on your system by naughty software. Presents a list of open files from which you can close them individually.
CmosSaver - Electronic Control Services (Nottingham) Ltd (ECS) (Defunct) - -
Coeden 0.08 Barry Wickett - -
Displays a graphical view of your disc directory structure.
ConvertLFS - Quantum Software - ?-4.02
To convert '!Longfiles' filenames over to RISC OS 4 type
CPMFS - - - -
CP/M was the industry standard OS 20 years ago. CPMFS provides access to certain types of CP/M discs (i.e. those used by Amstrad PCW and Spectrum +3 machines) and some formats supported by ROMDOS and ParaDOS. It allows access to DSK/EDSK image files.
CPMFS - Matthew Phillips - -
CP/M was the industry standard OS 20 years ago. CPMFS provides access to certain types of CP/M discs (i.e. those used by Amstrad PCW and Spectrum +3 machines) and some formats supported by ROMDOS and ParaDOS. It allows access to DSK/EDSK image files.
Delirium 2.30 - £5.00 ?-4.02
Highly configurable screen saver
DeskLock - iSV Products £16.50 ?-3.10
Desktop security system.
Director 0.26 Nick Craig-Wood - ?-4.02
Disc Commander 2.02 Paul Vigay £29.95 ?-4.02
A powerful disc editing and file recovery toolkit. It's compatible with all filing systems, including the RISC OS 4 extended filecore, as well as non-standard formats such as MacOS and DOS formats etc.
DiskBase 0.81P Jan Ganzevles
- 2.00-4.02
This program allows you to catalogue your discs (and CD-ROMs), store this info in a datafile and then show contents of discs, search for files, directories and/or applications, check for duplicates and print diskette labels.
Décor - - - 3.50-4.02
Superb desktop backdrop changer.
ExtraBar - - - -
ExtraKeys - Justin Fletcher - -
Provides a few macros which people find useful as combinations. These include single and double sexed quotes, current time and date and even your own address.
Old! FileFind 1.02 ID-Software - ?-4.02
Search for text strings and filenames on various filing systems
FileIconz - John Noble - -
Knows over 700 filetypes.
FilerPatch - - - -
FilerPro - Warm Silence Software (WSS) - -
Complete filer replacement
Filetree - John Tytgat - ?-4.02
Produces disk filetree as drawfile
File_ID - Tony Snell - -
Knows over 1700 different filetypes.
FinalLook - - - -
Old! FlHelp 1.21 David Rushall FREE -
Acorn !Help replacement
FreeMem - Liquid Silicon - -
Gives a constant display on the iconbar of a machine's free memory.
Freeze 1.50-09 - £10.00 3.10-4.02
Freeze saves the state of the machine and restores it back at any time, not just at power on. Using Freeze, a long boot sequence can take less than 5 seconds.
Old! Freeze - - £10.00 ?-4.02
Save/restore machine state
Old! Freezer - - - -
Save state
Freshen 1.05 David Pilling FREE -
Utility to make and apply software upgrade patches.
FullNames 1.15 Andrew Booker FREE 3.10-4.02
If you keep the mouse pointer still over a filer icon which has had its name truncated with '...' by the filer, the full name of the file will be displayed just above the pointer.
GraphTask 4.00 ARM Club, The - -
Graphics task window application which allows you to run any non-desktop graphical program in a window.
Old! Help2 - Squeaky Software - -
A RISC OS 4-style !Help application
HForm 2.51 RISCOS Ltd FREE ?-4.02
Hard disc formatter
Hourkill 1.00 Argo Interactive Group - -
Simple module which allows the hourglass to be killed by pressing a specific key combination at any time.
IClear 1.31 Martyn Fox - -
IcnClipBrd - - - -
A module.
Instigator - dabs.com (Formerly Dabs Press Publishing) - -
Powerful utility which adds over 80 new commands to the Archimedes operating system.
Investigator 3 - VTI (Defunct) - -
The ultimate disc utility suite incorporating Backup, Virus Check and File Recovery.
KeyClock 1.00 Jonathan Hunt FREE ?-4.02
Display the current time on the screen, no matter what else the computer is doing. E.g. you could use it to display the time whilst playing a game or whilst printing.
Keyfix - David Pilling FREE Sn ?-4.02
Provides locks for the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys and provides a mouse emulator. Intended for those with problems using the keyboard and mouse.
Keystroke 4.02 Quantum Software
Mailing List ()
£34.95 3.10-4.02
Allows you to set up, for any application, a single keystroke combination
KillTasks - Graham Crow (Deceased) - -
Larger - Warm Silence Software (WSS) - ?-4.02
An advanced pinboard replacement with virtual desktop and application management facilities including many desktop enhancements.
LayerFS - Feldner & Braun Software GdbR £42.00 -
An image filing system. Each LayerFS image file, known as a LayerDir, contains no more than a list of redirections to directory locations elsewhere.
LongFiles - ARM Designs - ?-4.02
Long filename support for SCSI or EIDE interfaces
MacFS 1.07 Computer Concepts Ltd - ?-4.02
Utility to read and write Mac SuperDrive floppies, external hard discs and Syquests.
Makealias 3.3 Argo Interactive Group - -
Creates aliases/shortcuts of any file, directory or aopplication.
Matches - - - -
Looks for identical files on your HD
MegaBoard - Sham Gardner - -
MegaBoard directly replaces Acorn's Pinboard.
Memphis 2.11 - - -
Memphis gives you a re-sizable RAM disc which increases as data is put into it and then decreases as data is deleted.
MemTest - - - -
Checks the integrity of your computer's memory.
Menubar - APDL - ?-3.70
Pull-down menu system
MenuClose - Justin Fletcher - -
MenuClose saves you reaching for the keyboard's Shift key. Instead of holding Shift and clicking on the close icon, you hold Menu down over the close icon and click Select. This two click combination emulates Shift being held down.
MiniDisc - Jamie Michael - ?-4.02
MiniDisc puts most of your storage-related icon bar icons under one icon with selectable options.
Mousky - - - ?-4.02
Improves on the original Acorn !Chars idea.
MousSetup - Paul Johnson - 4.02-4.03
A direct replacement of the mouse setup software for RISC OS 4. The original was from RISCOS Ltd; this is from RiscStation Ltd. Provides an option for right- or left-handed use of the mouse. Has an option to launch interactive help.
NewerLook - - - -
DoggySoft released a NewerLook enhancer collection with redesigned icons.
NewLook - - - -
Acorn's official add-on to RISC OS 3.1 to give it a 3-D look.
NewSet - Richard Coleman - -
A module that aliases the Set and SetMacro commands - it looks out for any starting 'Alias$' - it it finds that it has already been set, it prevents it from being changed.
Nomen 1.04 SkullSoft FREE ?-4.02
This program is for the quick tidying of filenames - Add or remove DOS extensions, capitalise first letter and any letter after hard spaces, remove capitals in middle of filenames, set filetypes. Copes with long filenames. Requires WimpBasic modules.
PatchCDFS 1.2 - - ?-4.02
Patches CDFS to provide RockRidge filename support.
PointView 0.28 Daniel Barron - 3.10-4.03
A mouse pointer visability enhancer, as well as clock, free memory display and more.
preLogo 1.03 Richard Coleman - ?-4.02
A module which displays a sprite instead of all that text during boot up until the Desktop starts.
PV_Bin - - - -
Old! Q-Lock - - - -
QuickFiler - - - -
Adds key presses to many of the Filer's functions.
Old! raFS 1.16 Richard Atterer - ?-4.02
Long filenames
RamDisc+ - Cherisha Software
- 3.10-3.70
RAM disc utility
RamFreeSpace 1.00 Andrew Booker FREE ?-4.02
Display RAM disc free space under its iconbar icon.
RAMplify - Werewolf Software £7.00 -
Frees memory by freezing programs to disc
RecErrors - - - -
A program which saves all reported errors for you to peruse later.
Recycler - Fabis Computing - -
Captures deleted files and stores them in the 'bin'. Manually empty or set to auto empty. Prevents deletion of files/directories. Compacts deleted files.
Rename 3.02 Nick Roberts - ?-4.02
Rename uses Edit-like wildcard patterns to supply sophisticated renaming rules to many files at the same time; e.g. an entire directory of files can have DOS or Unix filetype extensions added or removed.
Reverser - Peter Naulls - -
RISC OS 4.03 RISCOS Ltd £120.00 4.03-4.03
The RISC Operating System. There are three version of 4.03 - Kinetic, RiscStation and MicroDigital.
RISC OS (Welsh Version) - - - -
RISC OS 4.02 4.02 RISCOS Ltd £120.00 4.02-4.02
The RISC Operating System
RISC OS on netBook (RON) - RISCOS Ltd - -
RISC OS on Psion netBook
RISC OS Select Scheme - RISCOS Ltd - 4.02-4.03
Yearly subscription to RISC OS.
SaveIT (Formerly NewSaver) - Tortoisesoft - ?-4.02
A file saver helper for home, school or office which makes it hard to lose files and easy to save them.
SerialBuffer 1.00 - FREE -
RISC OS 3.xx serial buffer extender. Fixes shortcomings of serial buffer handling for RISC OS 3 machines only.
SETTime - Square Eyes Software FREE ?-4.02
Set the computer's time more accurately than Alarm.
ShortCuts 1.6 - £10.00 ?-4.02
A series of utilities including a multiple-bootup program. Shortcuts for loading one or more applications from single keys etc.
SICK 1.00 - FREE 1.00-4.03
System Information and Configuration Kit. It gives lots of details about the RISC OS system it is running on.
SmartOpenDir (SmartDir) - - - ?-4.03
Sets the display options locally to a directory window.
smouse - John Duffell - -
A module to swap the Select and Adjust mouse buttons.
Spaced Files - Justin Fletcher - -
Spaced Files automatically converts an ordinary space for a file name into an acceptable Alt+Space
Spaceman module - Quintin Parker - ?-4.02
A module which automatically presses space when it spots a 'Press Space or Mouse to Continue' error.
Speed! - Clares Micro Supplies Ltd £10.00 2.00-3.60
Works by stopping applications slowing down your machine.
Old! Startpic - - - -
Replaces your machine start-up banner with a sprite of your own choosing.
Old! StoreRoom - - - -
Quick saving of files to be moved elsewhere later with MemFS or the RAM disc
StrongMen 1.21 - - ?-4.02
'Mother of Menus'.
SuperFPEm 4.06 - - 3.50-4.02
Floating point emulator. New rounding code, dramatic speedups to trig/transcendental functions, uses StrongARM's 64-bit multipliers. Will not work on an ARM7500FE.
Swipe 0.15 Andrew Stubbs - 3.10-4.02
A neat little utility that allows you to grab text from places you can't normally grab it from, such as the title bar of a window. Originally written by Thomas Leonard.
SyncDiscs 1.03 - FREE ?-4.02
Application to make the contents of two discs or directories identical. Useful for keeping a copy of a hard disc on a removable disc.
Old! Sysmerge+ - David Thomas - -
SysVarMan - Jonathan Hunt - 3.50-3.50
It displays all the internal system variables in a scrollable window. It then lets you view, edit or delete them.
Old! TaskUsage - - - -
Displays a realtime barchart showing processor usage for apps/modules
TempDir 1.12 - - ?-4.02
Places an icon on the iconbar onto which you can drag and drop files.
TextCopy - Justin Fletcher - -
TextCopy has two basic functions. It lets you drop a text file into any writable icon under RISC OS. It allows you to pick up any writable icon in RISC OS and drop it elsewhere as a text file.
Themes - - - ?-4.02
A themes manager. Allows you to change the appearance of the Desktop (i.e. 'skins'), including customised hourglasses and pointers.
Tiger - APDL - -
Long filenames
Old! Toolbox - RISCOS Ltd - -
Twilight - Really Good Software Company (RGSC), The - -
Protects screen against burn-in using selectable effects, reminds you that the computer is still on and offers auto-boot, password protection and other options.
TypeAlysi - Square Eyes Software FREE -
Monitors typing performance in all WIMP programs
TypeInfo - - - -
Has information on around 1200 filetypes.
Old! Undelete - Quantum Software £18.95 3.10-3.70
Undelete allows you to recover any file, application or directory you may have deleted on a floppy disc or hard disc. Works with any popular Acorn filing systems such as ADFS,SCSIFS,ATAFS,IDEFS
Old! UnplugRM - Richard Atterer - -
Verma - Lenny - -
Reports version information about modules located on disc
Virtualise 1.17 Clares Micro Supplies Ltd £24.95 3.70-4.02
General purpose virtual memory management system for RiscPC/A7000; allows you to handle files that are larger than available memory.
ViVID - iSV Products - -
Screen enhancing software
WhichMod - Musus Umbra - -
A simple utility that attempts to work out what module a given address is in.
WimpPatch - - - -
WimpTiles 1.00 David Thomas - ?-4.02
A set of 25 new window and pinboard backdrop tiles, designed to fit in with the rest of the Desktop rather than contrast against it.
Win95FS 1.07 Warm Silence Software (WSS) £41.12 ?-4.02
A replacement for DOSFS that allows full access to Windows 95 formatted hard drives, partitions, floppies, Zip, Jaz and Syquest drives.
WorkSpace - ARM Club, The - -
WorkSpace provides the user with six virtual desktops. You can switch between them with a simple click on an icon.
XChars 1.06 MW Software FREE 3.10-4.02
An advanced character picker. Allows you to inspect the character set of any font installed in your font manager and, with one mouse click, to select that special character, then insert it into your text handling application.

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