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User Groups

Acorn Club North East (ACNE)
Acorn Enthusiasts Group (AEG) (1st Entry)
Old! Acorn Enthusiasts Group (AEG) (2nd Entry)
Contact: Neil Farnham-Smith Email: neil@a-e-g.demon.co.uk
Acorn IRC
Acorn User Group Austria (AUGA)
Monthly meeting in Vienna
Contact: Peter Bauer Tel: +43 2243 36786 Email: peter_bauer@aon.at
Acorn User Group RC5/DES
Acorn User Group Sydney
Acorn User Treff Ost (AUTO)
Acorn Users Auckland
Acorn Users Auckland (AUA)
Old! Arcade BBS
Old! Arche Acorn User Club
ARM Club, The
Address: The Membership Secretary, The ARM Club, Merton Court, Sidcup, Kent DA14 0BR
Tel: 07010 709 829 Email: chairman@armclub.org.uk
ARM-Acorn Developers Artists
A French fan club
Association of Acorn Usergroups
Association of Acorn Usergroups (AAUG)
Address: c/o Neil Spellings, Flat 5, 19 Normanton Road, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 7JU
Contact: Neil Spellings & Andrew Harmsworth Tel: 0181 291 5089 Email: neil.spellings@argonet.co.uk
Association of C & C++ User (ACCU)
User group covering Metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia.
Contact: Hank van der Winjngaart Tel: +61 8 8250 4472 Email: beebnet@aaug.net
Big Ben Club
Address: Postbus 1189, 6801 BD Arnhern
Tel/Fax: 071-408 03 39 Email: bigbenpr@nedernet.nl
Blackpool Computer Club
Bottisham Acorn User Group (BAUG)
Old! Bottisham Acorn Users Group
Bristol Acorn Risc User Group (BARUG)
Contact: Tony Cropper/Jack Evans Tel: 0117 973 6237
Bush Hill Park Computer Club (BHP)
C Acorn User Group
C Acorn User Group (CAUG)
C++ Acorn User Group
Canberra BBC User Group (CanBUG)
Christian Acorn User Group (XAUG)
Address: The Vicarage, Warwick Bridge, Carlisle, CA4 8RF
Contact: Colin Randall Email: carandall@freeuk.com
Derbyshire Acorn Risc Club (DARC)
Address: 4 Beacon Drive, Rolleston on Dove, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs
Contact: Tony Parnham Tel: 01283-815349 Email: darc@aaug.net
Edinburgh RiscOS users Association (ERA)
Erlanger Acorn User Group (ErlAUG/EAUG)
Essex Acorn User Group (EAUG)
Contact: Frank Watkinson Tel: 01621 860773 Email: eaug@aaug.net
Fortran Friends
Fortran programming support.
Address: P.O. Box 64, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 0TH England
Contact: Mrs Kate M. Crennell Tel: 01235 834357 Email: Email: fortran@argonet.co.uk,kmcrennell@argonet.co.uk
French Acorn User Group
French Risc Acorn User Group (FRAUG)
Email: fraug@mygale.org
German Archimedes Group (GAG)
German Acorn user group (formed April 1992) and publisher of the only regular German Acorn magazine.
Contact: Herbert zur Nedden Tel/Fax: +49 (41 07) 99 00 Email: HzN@HQ.gag.de
Iceni Computer Club (Incorporating Suffolk Acorn Risc Club)
Email: iceni@archipelago.demon.co.uk
Java Acorn User Group
Lincolnshire Acorn User Group
Liverpool Acorn Users Group (LAUG)
Contact: Bob Williams Email: laug@italia.co.uk
Liverpool Enthusiast Group (LEG)
M25 East RISC OS User Group (M25EROUG)
Contact: Barry Walsh Email: BarryWalsh@aaug.net
Manchester Acorn User Group (MAUG)
Contact: John/Kathy Cartmell Tel: 0161 969 9820 Email: Info
Milton Keynes Acorn User Group (MKAUG)
Old! Mossoft BBS
Norfolk Acorn User Group (NAUG)
We are an User Group supporting users of RiscOS based machines, who live in the North Norfolk Area of the UK.
Contact: Jonathan Balls Email: naug@aaug.net
North Kent Amateur Computer Club (NKACC)
North West London Computer Club (NWLCC)
Nottingham Microcomputer Club (NMC)
Oxford Acorn User Group (OAUG)
Old! Plasma Sphere BBS
RISC OS Foundation
Email: foundation@riscos.com
RISC OS User Group Of London (ROUGOL)
Tel: 07785 935 497 Email: Info
RISC OS Users, Norfolk Group (RUNG)
Contact: Tarquin Mills
Riscos Usergroup
A user group in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Contact: Cor v d Heijden
Silicon Vention
Southampton Acorn Users Group (SAUG)
Suffolk Acorn Risc Club (SARC)
Contact: Roy Moore Email: iceni@archipel.demon.co.uk
Surrey And Sussex Acorn Users' Group (SASAUG)
Tel: 01903 260666 Email: jmsawer@argonet.co.uk
Victoria BBC Users Group
Victorian BBC Users Group (VicBUG)
Wairarapa Acorn User Group
Wakefield Acorn Computer (User) Group (WACG)
Contact: Chris Hughes Tel: 01924 379778 Email: Info
Old! Wellington Acorn Computer Club
Wellington Acorn Computer Club (WACC)
Welwyn Hatfield Computer Club (WHCC)
Address: 160 Heronswood Road, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 3EU
Contact: Mark Empson and Dan Koekoek Tel: 01582-767540 Email: whcc@bigfoot.com
Wessex ARM User Group (WAUG)
Tel: 01935-413170

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