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Subjects & Tasks

Old! ArtWorks plug-in
Old! bar chart
Old! bar code
Old! bar code scanner
Old! bit-mapped graphics
Old! bulletin board
Old! C interpreter
Old! C++ class library
Old! C++ class library
Old! CAM
Old! CBT
Old! Ceefax
Old! ClipArt
Old! Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
Old! compress HTML code
Old! computer-aided manufacture
Old! computer-aided testing
Old! computer-aided translation
Old! computer-based training
Old! convert Drawfile to sprite
Old! convert sprites to animated GIF
Old! create animated GIF file
DHCP Client
Old! digital video
Old! downloading files
Draw to RTF Convertor
Old! DVD
dyslexia software
Old! encrypt email
Old! encylopedia
Old! file splitter
Old! firewall
generate image map information
Old! Geoff Preston
Old! Gopher
Old! graphic converter
Old! HTML validator
Old! ICQ
Old! infrared interface
Old! interlaced GIF
Old! Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Old! IR interface
Old! IRC client
Old! Kodak PhotoCD
Old! LaTeX to HTML
load RTF file
Old! mail merge
MIDI sequencer
Old! Mike Ginns
Old! movie studio
Multi-Lingual Interactive Help System (Proposed)
Old! multiscan monitor
Old! nested window manager
Old! networking
NMEA 0183 Software
Old! object-oriented database
Old! OLE
Old! optical character recognition (OCR)
Old! PCI
Old! PCX file
Old! Plug-in Compliant Application protocol
Plug-in Compliant Application specification
Postscript to Draw Converter
PostScript translator
Old! read Microsoft Office 97/98 file
Old! read Microsoft Word 6 file
Old! read Microsoft Word 7 file
read Word file
relational database
Old! RISC OS front end for Linux
Old! RISC OS front end for Windows
Old! route planner
RTF reader
Old! scramble HTML code
Old! screen saver
Secure Shell (ssh) Protocol
Old! Secure Sockets Layer
Old! sockets
Old! spam filter
spectrum emulator
speech recognition
Old! speech synthesis
Old! Terry Blunt
Old! text to HTML
Old! transparent GIF
Old! USB support
WAP emulator

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