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A. D. Clarke Printers
Letterpress printer specialising in RISC OS file origination.
Address: Rear of 8-14 St Vincent's Rd, Dartford, Kent DA1 1XZ
Contact: Bryan Clarke Tel: +44 (0) 1322 223680 Fax: +44 (0) 1322 291237 Email: patbryan2@netscapeonline.co.uk
Acorn Events
Acorn Southeast Show
Old! Acorn Web Ring
The Acorn banner exchange scheme. In conjunction with Active High Ltd, the Acorn friendly hosting service.
Acorns To Third World Countries
Contact: Paul Beverley Tel: 01603 441777 Email: paul@archivemag.co.uk
Old! AcornSearch
Active High Ltd
The RISC OS-friendly web space provider and Internet consultants.
Contact: Dan Ellis Tel: 07977 432131 Email: Info
ANS (Acorn News Service)
Acorn News Service
Contact: James Sears Email: james@ans.acornusers.org
ANS RISC OS Filebase
Database of RISC OS-related information
Ant Support Scheme
Support for the Ant Internet Suite.
ANT technical support
A web site giving support to all ANT Internet Suite users.
ArcArchie (English)
The search engine for FTP servers with RISC OS-related contents.
ArcArchie (German)
The search engine for FTP servers with RISC OS-related contents.
Article Seven
Astute Graphics
Contact: Paul Johnson
Old! comp.sys.acorn.* FAQ
Lithographic printer specialising in RISC OS file origination.
Address: Unit 21, Rear of 8-14 St Vincent's Rd, Dartford, Kent DA1 1XZ
Contact: Roger Mayne Tel: +44 (0)1322 292881 Fax: +44 (0)1322 291237
Store of information and download links for RISC OS software.
Free Internet Software Advice
Future Computer Services Limited
Offers support for the Ant Internet Suite (Release II) and Server Suite.
Address: Freepost ANG2341, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 4LQ
Tel: 0800 052 7918 Fax: 0870 705839 Email: Sales
Hardware Designs and Resources Website
Contact: Theo Markettos Email: Theo.Markettos@cai.cam.ac.uk
Harry Decker's RISC OS Font Collection
Around 2890 RISC OS fonts.
Howard Laurence Ward Communications (HLWC)
Are installing RiscPCs into Russia's State University. The computers can then be sold to graduating students and the businesses they enter or are already running.
Contact: Professor Howard Laurence Ward Email: hlwc@cwcom.net
imagesetting services
Ingenuity - Marketing, Advertising and Design
Nottingham based Design company. Specialising in graphic design, corporate identity and web design. Using RiscOS Technologies to create all of our web sites and all of our customers work.
Contact: Jonathan Levens Tel: 0500 121 242 Fax: 0500 131 288 Email: ingenuity@levens.co.uk
Internet Page
ANT scripts to download. Links to freeware Internet software.
Contact: Richard Whincup
IRC #riscos Channel
Contact: John
litho printing services
Monitor Definition File (MDF) Collection
Contact: Carlos Michael Santillan
A RISC OS portal.
Old! Ottens' Dutch Designs, O'dd
O'dd is a design house specialised in internet designs. But we also design logo's, posters, flyers etc. We use RISC OS computers for all the design work we do.
Contact: Maarten M. Ottens Tel/Fax: +31-73-6135050 Email: m.m.ottens@student.utwente.nl
Powerbase Support
Contact: Joyce Haslam
printing services
Address: 14-16 Eldon Terrace, Reading, Berkshire RG1 4DX
Contact: Chris Mercier Email: Sales
RISC OS 4 compatibility
RISC OS 4 Helpline
5:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Tel: 029 2049 2326 Email: Support
RISC OS Documentation Project
RISC OS Education Resouces
A pool of RISC OS resources useful in education.
scanning services
Scottish Acorn Computer Show (SACS)
Serial Networking Website
Old! Shared Vision
RISC OS DTP consultancy and specialised film-setting and print bureau.
Tel: 01264 339659
Sherwood Solutions
Large Format Digital Graphics
Address: PO Box 5559, Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact: Rob Sinclair Tel: +64 3 351 6603 Fax: +64 3 351 5886
Software Review Software
An essential links page of software that can make the task of writing software reviews quicker and easier.
T.J. Reproductions
Address: 1st Floor Suite, 14 High Street, Andover, Hampshire SP10 1NX
Tel: 01264 339654 Fax: 01264 339658 Email: repro@freeuk.com
The Coding Vault
The Coding Vault acts as a library for unfinished programs so that other individuals/teams can take up the projects where they are left off.
Old! Triffid Enterprises Limited
Magazine/book editorial and publishing services, preferably using RISC OS hardware and software.
Address: 30 Spirit Quay, Wapping, London E1 9UT
Contact: Tony Beaumont Tel/Fax: 020 7488 4394 Email: triffid@compuserve.com
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Virus Protection Scheme
Virus protection
Wakefield Acorn Spring Show

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