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Software Products - Mouse

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
MightyMouse II - Michael Stirling - ?-3.70
Program which allows the Select and Adjust buttons to be swapped.
Mouseless - - - -
100% mouse substitute.
Neko - Tonnie Demarteau - -
Mouse pointer utility
Special - ICS (Defunct) - Sn -
Provides easy access, using the mouse, to special characters not readily available from the keyboard.
Wheel - John Scott £5.00 ?-3.60
Microsoft WheelMouse driver
WheelMouse 4.12 John Scott - ?-4.02
Wheel is a RISC OS driver from the Microsoft WheelMouse. It adds the function of scrolling with the wheel. It is designed to work with the Microsoft WheelMouse and so needs a free serial port.

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