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Hardware Products - P

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]Price
PAL TV Coder - Pineapple Software -
Parallel Port Adaptor - - -
Uses 'EtherP'.
Parallel Port MIDI Interface - - £95.00
The parallel port MIDI interface will work on almost any RISC OS machine and provides in/out/thru MIDI connections. Supplied with the latest ESP drivers.
Parallel Port to SCSI - Pineapple Software -
Allows SCSI scanners to be used with any Acorn computer with a bi-directional parallel port
PC Card - Aleph One Ltd -
This allows you to run Windows 3.1, 95 and 98 in a Risc PC; other podule versions are still available for older models. PCPro 3 is supplied as standard.
PCJOY - Stuart Tyrrell Developments (STD) -
Old! Penulator - iSV Products £36.50
A low-cost graphics pen with RISC OS and Windows drivers. Penulator can completely replace the mouse or you can flip between mouse and pen with a single click.
Phoebe Cases - CTA Direct £29.38
The yellow case only intended for Acorn's abandoned Phoebe computer.
Pilot Mouse (PS2) - - £15.00
The good value, reliable wheel mouse for greater efficiency.
Pilot Mouse (RiscPC) - - £27.00
The good value, reliable wheel mouse for greater efficiency. Includes STD PS2 Adapter.
PlayStation Joypad Interface - Paradise £12.99
Connects to the printer/parallel port and allows you to use 'PlayStation' joypads just as you would a standard joystick.
Old! Power-tec 32-bit SCSI2 card - -
[Partis Computing]
Old! PowerFlash - - -
Old! PowerJaz - - -
Parallel port to SCSI converter for Iomega SCSI Jaz drives
Old! Powertec SCSI III interface - -
[Partis Computing]
Old! Printer Port Sampler - - -
Printer SCSI Adaptor - Atomwide Ltd £81.08
Allows SCSI devices to be connected to the parallel printer port
Prisma-3 Plus - Millipede Electronic Graphics -
An external graphics system for the 300/400 and 500 series computers. It provides television resolution images with facilities for real-time animation.
Programmable Expanded Keyboard - Special Access Systems -
A hardware mouse emulator with a strong steel construction to withstand very heavy use. Includes a facility for one-finger key combinations.
PS Pipe - Castle Technology Limited (CTL) £20.00
Allows you to use PS2 mice on a RiscPC.
PS2Mouse - - -
PS2Mouse+ - - -

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