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Hardware Products - S

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]Price
SAS Keyguard - Special Access Systems -
A metal plate which fits over the keyboard and enables users with a hand tremor to ensure that they press just one key at a time.
Saver Box - Honeypot -
Standalone controller box for interactive multisensory rooms with computer interface.
Old! ScanExpress A3 SP scanner - Castle Technology Limited (CTL) -
Old! ScanLight 256 - - -
Half-width hand-held scanner which can scan up to 256 levels by hardware.
Old! ScanLight Video 256 - - -
Old! SCSI-Connect - MCS -
Old! SCSI2 card - - -
SCSI2 card - Cumana -
Set of metal case bolts - Atomwide Ltd £35.25
Set of RiscPC 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 slice case bolts
Set of plastic case bolts - Atomwide Ltd £7.05
Set of RiscPC 1 or 2 slice case bolts
Simtec 16-bit IDE interface - Simtec Electronics -
Single Width I/O Expansion Card - Intelligent Interfaces Ltd £175.08
Provides the 1MHz Bus, User Port and ADC interfaces of the original BBC Microcomputer.
Old! Solo MIDI Interface - - £58.00
Old! Sound Byte Recorder - - -
Sound Sampler - Irlam Instruments Ltd -
Sound sampler for A5000, A7000 and RiscPC
STEbus Interface Card - Intelligent Interfaces Ltd £581.63
STEbus Interface expansion card.
Old! Storm 16 - - £96.00
High performance SCSI interface for all Acorn 32-bit computers (except A30x0,A4000 and A4)
Old! Storm 8 - - £88.00
8-bit mini podule version for internal use with A3000,A3010, A3020 and A4000
Old! Storm DMA32 - - £128.00
DMA 32-bit interface for Risc PC only
Old! StrongARM SA-110 202MHz upgrade - - -
StrongARM SA-110 233MHz Revision T upgrade - Castle Technology Limited (CTL) -
Swift 8-bit IDE Controller Card - MicroDigital Ltd £62.00
An 8-bit IDE controller card for A3010 and A3000.

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