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Draw is a powerful and sophisticated drawing package. You can use it to draw and edit diagrams and pictures made up from various kinds of graphical objects. These can include bitmap objects, such as Sprites and JPEGs, as well as vector objects. Before using Draw it is worth knowing the difference between vector and bitmap objects.

Bitmap Objects

These are objects that are made from pixels. Each pixel is a square of colour. Draw can display several types of bitmap file, but cannot edit the individual pixels, instead the editing of these objects should be done in Paint. If you zoom into a bitmap object you will start to lose quality as the squares of colour get bigger.

Vector Objects

A vector object is made up of lines and curves. It isn't a picture, it is a description of how the picture can be drawn. Because it's a description it can be zoomed in with no loss of quality. If you zoom in then everything is drawn larger.

Before you start

You will probably find that the easiest way of learning Draw is to read through Basic ideas (in chapter 1) and then work through the Draw tutorial, before reading the more detailed sections.

If you are already familiar with Draw you may wish to skip directly to the chapter New features for RISC OS 6 which describes the principle changes and additions implemented in Draw from RISC OS 4.02 onwards.


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