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Software Products - Virus Protection

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
FindVirus 0.02 Kiwi Software (UK) - -
FindVirus is a simple wrapper around Slayer's virus scanning engine which is callable from the command line. It allows quick and easy scanning of sensitive bits of !Boot on booting.
Kill Virus - Stuart Tyrrell Developments (STD) - ?-4.02
Protects !Boot files from the Extend virus. Note: This software is a bit old now so it may not give 100% protection.
Killer - Pineapple Software £28.20 ?-4.02
Killer and VProtect are regularly updated virus treatment and prevention utilities. The cost is per year and includes updates every few months.
NeVirus - - - -
Global/future virus detector.
Slayer 0.62 Rob Kendrick - 3.00-4.03
An anti-virus tool for RISC OS.
VProtect 3.21 Pineapple Software - ?-4.02
Virus protection. Updated replacement for the VProtect module. Run it from either the archive or from the hard disc. It will self install and check anything coming in.
Old! VZap 1.36 Digital Phenomena - ?-4.03
Anti virus software which is a super alternative to Pineapple's !Killer app.

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