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Software Products - Electronics

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
Old! ArcPCB - Silicon Vision Ltd - ?-4.02
ArcSimp - Mijas Software £64.63 ?-4.02
A flexible analogue/digital simulation program which models electrical systems.
CadMust (Defunct) 1.20 Usarc Software (Defunct) - ?-3.10
Auto-routing Printed Circuit Board design package with schematic capture.
CadMust-PCB (Defunct) 1.20 Usarc Software (Defunct) - ?-3.10
CadMust-Schematic (Defunct) 1.20 Usarc Software (Defunct) - ?-3.10
CBase - - - -
Electronic components database
Cutrax - TechSoft UK Ltd - -
Once your circuit has been created in Fastrax, it is loaded directly into Cutrax. This works out the tool path to make the circuit and then drives the CAMM2.
Electrical Installation - SCET - -
This useful package lets pupils test their knowledge of domestic wiring without getting their fingers burned.
Electronic Circuit Development - Smart DTP (Defunct) - -
Electronic Circuit Development is an economical alternative to expensive electronic CAD software.
Electronics - GA Herdman Educational Software - -
Suite of simulation programs designed to provide support to valuable laboratory-based experiences.
Old! Fastrax - TechSoft UK Ltd - -
A PCB and circuit schematic design package, created specifically for educational use.
Household Electricity - GA Herdman Educational Software - -
Household Electricity is of particular use in teaching National Curriculum (Science).
Layout - Robert Richards - -
Designed to draw PCB layouts and print them suitable for masking and exposing the PCB. Program originally developed by Bernhard Walter.
Oak PCB (Defunct) 2.02 Oak Solutions Ltd (Defunct)
[Dial Solutions Ltd]
- ?-4.02
A printed circuit board (PCB) and schematic design package including a comprehensive Toolbox.
PowerROUTER - Silicon Vision Ltd - -
The PowerROUTER package has been developed for the ARC-PCB rangeproviding full 100% Rip-up Retry autorouting.
Old! RiscPCB 0.44 Terry Swanborough FREE 3.10-4.02
Printed circuit board (PCB) designer.
StepCon 2.40 Tudor? £10.00 ?-4.02
A stepper motor controller. You can change speed and direction, single step or turn a pre-determined number of full turns.
WimpFetch 2.73 Tudor? £10.00 ?-4.02
Aids the understanding and teaching of the Fetch-Execute cycle used by every CISC computer. Used for A-Level Computing and BTEC Nat Diploma in Computing.

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