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Software Products - Communication

TitleVersionDeveloper {Email} [Distributor]PriceKeyOS
Access+ - -
- ?-4.02
Peer-to-peer network
Old! AccessIEC - - - -
Allows Commodore disc drives to be connected to an Acorn
Old! AccessNT - Design IT £80.00 -
Enables Acorn machines to use a Windows NT server for applications and user areas. Incorporates OmniClient drivers.
Accessory - Cherisha Software
- 3.10-3.70
Access+ task launcher and electronic mail
Old! Acorn Level 4 - - - -
Old! ArcFax 2 1.16 - £35.00 3.10-4.02
Send and receive faxes via modem. Includes Class 1 and 2 modem drivers and supports Class 8 'voice' modems. Received faxes can be saved as sprites. Image processing facilities are provided.
ArcLink5 0.12 Paul Vigay - ?-3.60
Psion 5 to RISC OS transfer application
Old! Arcshare Client - - £49.95 -
Networking software
Old! Arcshare Server - - £49.95 -
Networking software
ARCterm7 1.48 Serial Port, The
[Atomwide Ltd]
£57.58 -
Comprehensive package providing a full communications environment for use with modems or other serial devices.
ArmTCP 0.17 - FREE ?-4.02
AUN Level 4 - - - -
Big Bro - - £29.99 -
Network supervision software
BigBro - Image Software £29.99 -
A network supervision package. Allows a network administrator to view the desktops of other RISC OS machines on a network. Runs on any TCP/IP network.
BudgieMgr - Richard Murray - -
Software for managing Econet networks (primarily awServer, FileStore and Level4).
Caller Display - Octopus Systems £104.00 -
Displays your customer's details the instant the phone rings
CD-Net - Cumana - -
CD-Net software allows the network manager to set up, control and access up to ten CD-ROM discs from a single location.
ChangePSI 0.15 Gert-Jan de Vos FREE ?-4.02
Converts files between EPOC32 and RISC OS - Psion Word to RTF, Word to DDF, Word to text, text to Word, OPL to text, text to OPL, Sketch to Sprite, MBM to Sprite.
Chatter (Defunct) - 4mation - -
A simple low-cost communications program which supports most of the common protocols.
Citrix Metaframe - - - -
Connector 1.03 - - -
DeltaNet - - - -
eMate Connectivity Suite - Avie Electronics - -
eMate to RISC OS
Hearsay II 2.22 David Pilling £35.00 ?-4.02
A data communications program providing Viewdata, ANSI, VT and Tektronix terminal emulators, with X,Y,Z modem and Kermit file transfer.
Kermit 1.05 David Pilling FREE 3.70-3.70
Command-line Kermit communications tool.
LanMan98 1.04 Warm Silence Software (WSS) £41.12 ?-4.02
Transparently share files or printers between PCs and RISC OS machines.
Launch Net - 10 Client Licences - Kudlian Soft £116.33 -
An easy to use log on to Windows NT servers from Acorn RISC OS computers and Acorn/Xemplar NC computers. A pack of 10 Client Licences.
Launch Net - Network Server Licence - Kudlian Soft £292.58 -
An easy to use log on to Windows NT servers from Acorn RISC OS computers and Acorn/Xemplar NC computers. Network Server Licence with 15 free client licences.
Old! MultiLink - Really Good Software Company (RGSC), The £29.95 -
Transfers data between 8-bit BBC and RISC OS machines
Old! N-Connect - 20-20 Software - -
Amstrad NC100/RISC OS connectivity software
NetGuard (1st Entry) - Nifty Software - 3.10-4.02
NetGuard is a complete replacement front for the network filer found on RISC OS networks as well as offering numerous protection and cosmetic enhancements.
NetGuard (2nd Entry) 0.94 - - 3.10-4.02
NetGuard is a complete replacement front for the network filer found on RISC OS networks as well as offering numerous protection and cosmetic enhancements. Virtual users even under Access. With integrated spooler clients can view remote print queues.
NetGuard Spooler - Nifty Software - 3.10-4.02
NetLM 0.34b - FREE ?-4.02
NetLM is a front-end to the LanManFS/LanMan98 module for logging onto a users workspace on a LanManager file server. Supports long user names.
Nettle - - - -
A terminal emulator and telnet client. Supports full colour and graphics. An ANSI task window is provided.
NTFiler 1.29 Atomwide Ltd £116.33 3.10-?
Alternative user interface for OmniClient which greatly simplifies the process of logging on to Windows NT servers for novice network users. Requires OmniClient.
Old! OmniClient - -
- 3.70-3.70
Acorn to PC networking software
Omniclient 2 2.04 -
- ?-4.02
Acorn to PC networking software. Note: OmniClient 2 is no longer available as a standalone product.
ParaConXS - - FREE -
Allows rapid copying of files between two Acorn 32-bit computers that have bi-directional parallel printer ports.
ParaFS - Stuart Tyrrell Developments (STD) £22.95 -
Low-cost option for linking two machines.
PhoneDay2 1.00 David Pilling FREE -
Updates the phone numbers in ArcFax and Hearsay to comply with the dialling codes introduced on 1st June, 1999.
PPPServ 1.3 - - ?-4.02
Connect machines with PPP over a null modem cable.
PPPserv - - - -
Modem emulator that enables TCP/IP networking between an Acorn machine and a Windows PC using the serial ports as the network connection.
PsiFS 1.30 - FREE 3.10-4.02
Filing system that provides access via a serial link to the files stored on a SIBO or EPOC computer.
PsionLink - John Allen - -
Connects Psion Organiser to RISC OS
PSIRiscFS - - - -
Connects Acorn to Revo and Psion7
Old! PtrCopy - - - -
QuickLynk 1.04 Desktop Projects Ltd £15.00 -
A modem/serial port-based file transfer utility for RISC OS.
RemoteFS (Defunct) - Atomwide Ltd - -
Allows access to any files on another Acorn machine via parallel or serial ports.
RiscX Alpha - - 3.10-3.70
An X Server application for RISC OS. It allows you to run the various X client programs on a remote server (usually a Unix/Linux based system) ans see the output on your RISC OS Desktop.
Old! S2P - Andrew Sellors - -
An application which will intercept anything arriving via the serial port and send it out through the parallel one. All you need to do is set the baud rates and handshaking.
Samba Server (Smbserver) 0.07 David Buxton FREE ?-4.02
Port of Samba 2.0.2 for Unix. SmbServer allows any filing system and directory path on RISC OS to be exported and shared with Unix/Linux and Windows. Uses the TCP/IP protocol to talk to PCs. Ported by David Buxton.
Old! Serial NET - iSV Products - -
Simple home network for 2 computers includes printer sharing, multitasking file transfer etc.
SerialDev Rev 12 - FREE ?-4.02
The block drivers provide a standardised interface to many serial devices.
SMSTrans 1.17b Alex Macfarlane Smith - -
Sends SMS messages to digital mobile phones (including Vodapage).
SMSTrans 1.17 - - -
Sends SMS messages to digital mobile phones (including Vodapage).
TCP/IP Protocol Suite Release 2 - - - -
The TCP/IP Protocol Suite provides a communications environment that ensures the reliable transmission of data across an Econet or Ethernet network.
TopCat - Microlynx Software Engineering Ltd £586.32 ?-4.02
Thin-Client/Server product - Allows Acorn computers to boot from a Windows NT server to run RISC OS apps
TriLink - - £15.00 -
TriLink is a budget ANSI and VT100 comms terminal package.
Old! Twain 2 - - £20.00 ?-4.02
Driver software for a wide range of scanners (Agfa,Canon,Epson,Hewlett Packard,Microtek,Mustek,Nikon,Plustek,UMAX), which integrates with many other RISC OS packages to allow direct scanning.
Old! Z-Link II - 20-20 Software - -
Z88/RISC OS connectivity software
Z88Link - John Allen - -
Connects Cambridge Computer Z88 portable to RISC OS
Old! ZeriLink 2.20 John Kortink (2nd Entry) - -
A file transfer utility for linking a RISC OS machine with an ECP parallel port (most recent models) to another RiscPC or standard PC. 400K/second transfers are possible using ZeriLink over a suitably wired parallel port cable.
ZLink - John Allen - -
Connects Cambridge Computer Z88 portable to RISC OS

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