RISCOS Ltd Products

RISCOS Ltd didn't produce any computers themselves. Instead versions of RISC OS developed by RISCOS Ltd were 'customised' to suit various manufacturers. Over a 13 year period RISCOS Ltd provided versions of RISC OS to Castle Technology Ltd, RiscStation, MicroDigital Ltd, Advantage 6 Ltd, VirtualAcorn and others.

This page will include details on products that were released directly by RISCOS Ltd, or that were undertaken as research products by RISCOS Ltd. We won't be able to include details about products developed for/licenced to third parties.


RISC OS Select Releases

Most of the versions of RISC OS released by RISCOS Ltd were supplied as part of the 'Select' subscription scheme. Releases were named using both the year and the release number. For example Select 2i3 would be the third release in the second year of the scheme.

RISC OS Select year 1 (2001)
RISC OS Select year 2 (2002)
RISC OS Select year 3 (2003)



Whilst RISCOS Ltd's products consisted of software or operating systems it did undertake research and development of various other products. Some of these were never released or were hidden away inside products supplied by third parties.

RON - RISCOS On Netbook


Specialised versions of RISC OS

RISCOS Ltd also produced customisted versions of RISC OS that were intended for non desktop machines. Much of this work was subject to commercial confidentiality clauses which makes publishing information as part of the www.riscos.com Archives difficult, but we will do our best to get clearance to publish documents where possible.

Embeded RISC OS

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