RISCOS Ltd mission statement 1999

The key mission statement for RISCOS Ltd is :-

To provide a continued availability and route to market for the RISC OS 4 product originally developed by Acorn Computers and to develop that product into a full 32 bit based operating system to support the future generations of ARM based processors.

In furtherance of that aim RISCOS Ltd will :-

  • Promote the advantages of the RISC OS platform for both home users, who already own Acorn produced hardware or are looking to purchase new hardware from third parties as well as to professional users looking for an alternative OS to Windows on ARM based platforms.
  • Aim to maintain the current market share of software and hardware from third parties and dissuade the currently active third parties from discontinuing support and development of their RISC OS based products, whilst encouraging other companies to add RISC OS support to their products.
  • Seek to find licensees for RISC OS outside the traditional Acorn markets subject to any non-competitive clauses from Element 14.
  • Encourage third party developers to work together to support the RISC OS market and avoid un-necessary duplication of effort on competing products.
  • Attempt to open dialogue with printer manufacturers in order to obtain access to sufficient information to allow RISC OS users to continue to be able to use the latest printers produced.

  • Work with companies such as ARM to provide the software and hardware development tools needed by RISC OS developers to keep up with the latest technology.
  • Attend all relevant computer exhibitions, fairs and meetings requested by user groups.

and finally :-

RISCOS Ltd will work with third parties to develop and enhance RISC OS with a goal of releasing a full 32 bit version of RISC OS within 12 months.


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