Application Suite: FontEd


The Bitmap window

Clicking or dragging SELECT in the bitmap will set the pixel under the mouse pointer to black.

Clicking or dragging ADJUST in the bitmap will clear the pixel under the mouse pointer to white.

Bitmap menu:

If this is ticked, a rectangular grid will be displayed over the character. Selecting this option toggles the state.

If this is ticked, a diamond grid will be displayed over the character. This is useful when assessing whether a pixel will be filled by the 'thin stroke' parts of the character outline, since the stroking algorithm will fill a pixel if the line goes through the diamond shape inscribed in the pixel.

The flatness parameter passed to the draw module when making the bitmap can be altered using this option. If 'flatness' is ticked, the character outline displayed over the top of the bitmap will be tweaked to show how the path was actually flattened by the Draw module, and how the scaffolding has affected the outline.

This can be used to alter the position of the character origin within the pixel grid, and should not normally be used (it is for experimentation purposes).

Note that if the outline font that this bitmap font is derived from is loaded in the editor, the outlines will be displayed over the bitmaps, and the effect of altering scaffold lines or outlines will be reflected immediately in the bitmap windows. This is a very good way of seeing how the scaffolding process works.


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