Application Suite: Diversions



RISC OS Six ships with a number of diversions. These are located in the HardDisc4.$.Diversions directory.

You may find that you have a number of items in here. Some of these may have been provided by the supplier of your computer. The ones that are provided with RISC OS 6 are:

  • Blocks - a falling block desktop game.
  • Clock - an analogue desktop clock that can be re-sized.
  • MemNow - a utility that installs a free memory indicator on the iconbar.
  • Meteors - a new version of the classic meteors game that supports hardware acceleration (where available).
  • Patience - a classic card game.
  • Puzzle - a sliding block puzzle game.

You can obtain further information about any of these diversions by clicking MENU over their icon in the filer window and going to the Help option from the App submenu.


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