Appendix 3: Important tips


Freeing up more disc space

If you require more hard disc space, you can free up space by deleting directories that you don't often use, such as the Video, Images and Sound directories. Before deleting them, you should always take a backup of any files, directories or applications that you may wish to keep.

If the screen goes blank

If your screen goes blank while you are not using it, it's probably because the screenblanker has automatically switched off the display to save electricity and wear on the screen. You can restore the display by moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard (e.g. the Shift key).

Getting out of a mess (resetting the computer)

Very occasionally your computer may 'hang up' - where pressing a key or mouse button has no effect. You can normally cure this by resetting the computer. To do this, first try pressing Alt-Break or, if that fails, Ctrl-Break. If this fails, press the Reset button. Your Welcome Guide shows you where this is. Alternatively, turn the computer off, wait a short while (30 seconds) and turn on again. When you reset the computer, any unsaved data is lost.


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