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Acorn Omniclient User Guide


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Using OmniClient

Loading Acorn OmniClient from a disc or network
Loading OmniClient from ROM
Using Acorn OmniClient
Mounts file
Application configuration
Printing using OmniPrint

3. !BootNet and SetStation

Discless client stations

4. Introduction to TCP/IP

TCP/IP concepts

5. The Internet application

Setting an IP address
Running the Internet application
Internet module *Commands
Absolute programs
Ethernet driver module *Commands

6. NFS file mapping

NFS - its file mapping from RISC OS to UNIX
NFS - its file mapping from UNIX to RISC OS
Editing the extensions file

Appendix A: Installing Internet

Configuration files
Different ways to configure the software
Installing the TCP/IP protocol within OmniClient

Appendix B: NFS star commands

Appendix C: LanMan star commands

Appendix D: OmniClient and discless workstations

DCI4 stack
DCI2 stack
AUN/Level 4 Server alone
AUN/Level 4 and Acorn Access/Applications Accelerator
Acorn Access only


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