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First Steps with RISC OS 4


Resetting the computer

At some point you may need to reset the computer, either because some program has gone seriously wrong or to clear out what is already in the computer's local memory. This ay be required after playing some games which often don't 'tidy up' properly when you quit them.

You could switch off to do this, but it is not normally necessary.

There are three ways to reset the computer, for Risc PC/ A7000/ RiscStation/ Omega series machines.

  1. Hold down the Ctrl key, either one will do. Press and release the Break key. Release the Ctrl key. This process is often referred to as a Ctrl/Break or a Hard Break. However, it does not completely reset the machine.
  2. You can press the Reset button, the location of which varies between machines (it's on the back of the Risc PC, close to the speaker socket, and the front of A7000, RiscStation and Omega series machines.
  3. RISC OS 4 includes a shutdown menu option. Click with the MENU button on the Task Manager icon, then click on 'Shutdown ' on the menu which will appear. The window shown below will appear. if you are ready to do so (make sure you've not got any work in progress that has not been saved) click on Shutdown or press Ctrl-S. You can then either switch the computer off safely or click on Reset on the window which will appear to start the computer up again.

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