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Introduction and Overview

This chapter describes some minor changes to the various internationalisation modules, all made in RISC OS 3.5.

International module

All calls (Service_International onwards)

The International module has been enhanced so that from RISC OS 3.5 onwards the strings it returns are terminated.

New countries

The following extra countries are supported from RISC OS 3.5 onwards:

Finland, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Japan, MiddleEast, Netherlands, Switzerland, Wales.

Territory manager


From RISC OS 3.5, on entry to a territory module's SWI handler R0 is now always set to the current territory number. (If the SWI was called with a territory number of -1 to indicate the current territory, the territory manager resolves this before calling the SWI handler.)

On exit R0 should be preserved unless it is explicitly used to return a value from the SWI.


From RISC OS 3.5 onwards, these calls return the current territory in R0 on exit.

New MessageTrans SWI

A new SWI was added to MessageTrans in RISC OS 3.5:

  • MessageTrans_Dictionary returns a pointer to the kernel's MessageTrans dictionary. This call is for internal use only; see MessageTrans_Dictionary.

SWI calls

(SWI &41509)

Returns a pointer to the kernel's MessageTrans dictionary

On entry


On exit

R0 = pointer to the kernel's MessageTrans dictionary


Interrupt status is undefined
Fast interrupts are enabled

Processor mode

Processor is in SVC mode


Not defined


This call returns a pointer to the kernel's MessageTrans dictionary. (This is not the same as the OS_PrettyPrint dictionary, as described in OS_PrettyPrint.)

Since the contents of this dictionary are liable to change with each successive release of RISC OS, this call is for internal use only; you must not use it in your own code.

This call is only available from RISC OS 3.5 onwards.

Related SWIs


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