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DeskFS is a ROM based filing system that provided system resources for the Desktop in RISC OS 2. It is not available in later versions of RISC OS, and you should not use it.

The Desktop used the system variable Wimp$Path to find these system resources; by default its value was DeskFS:. You could change where the Desktop looked for these system resources by changing the value of Wimp$Path.

DeskFS provided a single * Command to select the filing system, described overleaf for reference.

* Commands


Selects the Desktop Filing System as the current filing system






*DeskFS selects the Desktop Filing System as the filing system for subsequent operations. This is a ROM based filing system used to store system resources for the Desktop module, including some useful window template files used by system utilities.

DeskFS files can be catalogued, loaded and opened for input. They are usually accessed through the DeskFS: file system prefix. The system variable Wimp$Path defaults to DeskFS:

This command is not available after RISC OS 2, and you should no longer use it.



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