RISC OS 4.02 ROMs all sold.

RISCOS Ltd today announced that they have now sold the final RISC OS 4.02 ROMs and that as from 27th June all orders for RISC OS 4 upgrades will be be fulfilled using RISC OS 4.39 "Adjust" ROMs.

In the six years since the first orders were taken at the end of May 1999 RISCOS Ltd has supplied over 4,600 ROMs as upgrades to Risc PC and A7000 users. The first orders fulfilled in 1999 were to Andy Bourne who was the highest bidder in the Comic Relief Red Nose Day 1999 Auction and to Jonathan Stott, who received Flash ROM set no. 00000.

Symbolically the last orders for RISC OS 4.02 were received from Castle Technology and a Mr Anonymous, who didn't want his girlfriend to know that he has continued to upgrade his Risc PC despite her protests that he should buy a PC instead.

For further details contact:-

Paul Middleton
Managing Director