RISC OS 32-bit software forward compatibility release updated version

RISCOS Ltd and Pace Micro Technology plc have today released an updated version of the components required for users of the Acorn C/C++ development environment to produce RISC OS programs that will be compatible with future 32-bit only versions of RISC OS.

The beta software is freely available from the RISCOS Ltd Website.

Before downloading the components users must agree to the terms of a Software License Agreement and provide full details of the machine on which they intend to run the software. 

Included in the package are:- 

Shared C Library 5.25 30 Nov 2000 
CallASWI 0.02 2 Oct 2000 
FPEmulator 4.14 2 Oct 2000 
DDT 1.84 13 Nov 2000 
DDE FrontEnd 1.20 02 Jan 2001 
Note: The FPPC hardware floating point system is no longer supported. 
New Libraries for C/C++ - c++lib, ANSIlib, flexlib etc 

Changes in version 0.2
1) The CLib library and object files are now in an "o" directory.
2) CMHG now generates code that avoids the StrongARM TEQP+MSR bug.
3) Some corrections CMHG's module header alignment when using the message file header.
4) The supplied ANSILib is now (believed to be) 32-bit compatible.
5) The Overlay Manager is now supplied.
6) getenv() now reliable with long strings.
7) A 32-bit FrontEnd module is now supplied. This will help prevent the failure case where some FrontEnd instantiations start using the ROM C Library, then later ones try to use a soft-loaded 32-bit library, causing internal inconsistencies.
8) A new version of DDT is supplied that can emulate MRS and MSR instructions, making debugging of 32-bit programs reliable.
9) FrontEnd now displays either VDU 10,13 or VDU 13,10 line-endings correctly.
10) _kernel_setenv(varname, NULL) now deletes a system variable, as documented.
11) The Shared C Library stubs supplied in version 0.1 were not fully 32-bit compatible. This would only be apparent in failure cases (such as the Shared C Library being unplugged).
12) Improved C Library handling of aborts in SVC mode.

All software and documentation is 2000 Pace Micro Technology plc.