RISC OS Select 3 Issue 1 now available for download.

Issue 1 of RISC OS Select 3 is now available for download by subscribers from the Private Area of the RISC OS Select web site at http://select.riscos.com/

This first Issue has primarily been tested on Risc PC computers, but as was shown at the recent Wakefield Computer Show, it is capable of running on MicroDigital Omega, Mico and Alpha computers.

There are however a number of areas which are being worked on in relation to the MicroDigital computers, and consequently users of those computers are advised that they are likely to encounter a number of issues when using this first release which we hope to resolve in later Issues of Select 3. We are working with MicroDigital to resolve those issues.

As usual the release of the CD version of Select 3 will be subject to the satisfactory public reception of Issue 1 and any other subsequent Select 3 releases.