Statement from RISCOS Ltd in reply to Castle Statement 16th June 2004.

In March 1999 RISCOS Ltd entered into a licensing agreement with Element14 Ltd which gave it exclusive rights to develop and market RISC OS for the desktop market.

Over the past five years it has licensed RISC OS 4 to many AMSs including Castle Technology Ltd, RiscStation, MicroDigital, A6 & Virtual Acorn without any concerns from Element 14 or Pace PLC that it was breaching the agreement in any way.

RISCOS Ltd has always adhered to all the conditions of the Head Licence and totally refutes all allegations now made by Castle Technology Ltd to the contrary. It is greatly saddened by the attitude that Castle has taken which has forced A6 & Virtual Acorn to reluctantly announce that they are ceasing shipments of their fully licensed and paid for RISC OS products.

A considerable amount of discussion and negotiation has actually taken place between Castle, Pace & RISCOS Ltd over the past two years, concerning both Castle's ongoing disputed use of RISC OS in the Iyonix PC as well as the more recent demands made by Castle against RISCOS Ltd and the AMSs.

RISCOS Ltd has worked for the benefit of all the companies in the RISC OS community (not just one) and will continue to do so. It trusts that Castle will constuctively discuss the situation to enable an equitable and amicable resolution to be reached for the good of all parties.

Paul Middleton
Managing Director