14th June 2002

Special offers from RISCOS Ltd on 3rd Anniversary of RISC OS 4 release.

To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the release of RISC OS 4 in July 1999 we are offering three promotions for RISC OS 4.

Offer 1.

RISC OS 4.02 Upgrade (full pack with bundled applications)

UK 85
EC 87
Zone 1 75
Zone 2 77

This offer is available for all Risc PC and A7000 / + users to upgrade their computers to RISC OS 4.
The pack includes a free copy of the RISC OS 3 Manuals CD and the following bundled applications.

!Vector - An Enhanced Drawing package
!ImageFS - An Image translation program which can convert .WMF, .GIF files and .BMP files to RISC OS equivalents.
!Writer - Basic Word processor which can be upgraded to !Easiwriter or !Techwriter
!Organizer - A personal contacts and agenda program
!Taborca - An Adobe PDF compatible file generator
!Synth - A MIDI file player, which can playback MIDI files without the use of external sound generators. 

Offer 2.

RISC OS 4.02 ROM only upgrade (for existing RISC OS 4 Users)

UK 80
EC 82
Zone 1 71
Zone 2 73

This offer is only available to users who have already purchased a full price RISC OS 4 upgrade.
It only contains a set of RISC OS 4 ROMs and is aimed at users who have multiple RISC OS
machines which they wish to upgrade.

Offer 3.

RISC OS 4.02 Upgrade and 1 Year RISC OS Select subscription

UK 175
EC 177
Zone 1 154
Zone 2 156

This offer includes the full RISC OS 4 upgrade as listed in Offer 1 and also includes a years subscription to the RISC OS Select Scheme.

All the above prices include VAT (for UK and EC) and delivery.

Zone 1 = Africa, USA, Canada etc
Zone 2 = Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong etc

Orders for RISC OS 4 and the Select Scheme should be sent to sales@riscos.com

The above offers are available until 31st July 2002.

Dealer Discounts and Authorised Installer Discounts are also available on the above offers.

For further details contact:-

Paul Middleton paul@riscos.com 
Managing Director, 
3 Clarendon Road, 
CF23 9JD 
Tel: 02920 464020 
Fax: 02920 492326 

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