8th February 2002

Embedded RISC OS announced.

RISCOS Ltd today announces the development of Embedded RISC OS.

Work is now progressing on developing a new version of RISC OS which will primarily aimed at the embedded products market.

Target devices will include ARM 7500, SA110 and eventually the SA1100/SA1110 (as a result of the Ron project).

The embedded version of RISC OS (which will probably be marketed under a different brand name) will be a componentised version aimed at dedicated hardware applications such as point of sale devices, internet / network terminals, portable data-loggers, process controllers etc.

Embedded RISC OS will be targeted at volume products which require a limited range of features. This will provide a faster development cycle than products which require the full range of facilities expected of a desktop version. In principle it will be similar to the NCOS derivative of RISC OS previously used in Network Computers, but with the added advantage of being customisable to support the addition of third party applications as part of the ROM image.

A typical example would be Point of Sale Unit, which would have the necessary POS software in ROM and would give very fast switch on time to boot straight into the POS software.

The first product to use Embedded RISC OS is being developed by Castle Technology using their Neuron system.

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