Christmas Special Offer from RISCOS Ltd extended until 31st January.

Following excellent demand for RISC OS 4.39 ROMs RISCOS Ltd has extended the Christmas offer until 31st January 2005.

Buy a RISC OS 4.39 (Adjust) ROM image and get a years subscription to the Select scheme for just 35 extra. The normal price of Select is 99 for Foundation members, or 155 if you are joining Select for the first time so this is a saving of up to 120.

N.B This offer is only valid for purchasers who are NOT already subscribers to the Select scheme and is only for subscription to the standard Select scheme. It does not cover subscriptions to the Select 32 scheme.

The price for the Adjust ROM is 130 for users who upgrade from RISC OS 3.X and 115 for users who are upgrading from RISC OS 4.0X

The total price for RISC OS 4.39 with a years Select subscription is therefore 165 for users who upgrade from 3.X and 150 for users who upgrade from 4.0x.

To claim the extra discount for upgrades from RISC OS 4.0X you must supply the RISC OS 4 ROM serial number. There is also a further discount on the above prices if you return your RISC OS 4.02 ROM set.

RISC OS Adjust ROMs are suitable for Risc PC and A7000 computers. They may also be suitable for MicroDigital and RiscStation computers but we cannot guarantee this.

For further details contact:

Paul Middleton
Managing Director