Happy New Year!!

RISCOS Ltd wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

RISC OS Filetypes Database information required again.

Back in October we posted a request for Filetypes Database Information. However whilst starting to compile the information received ready for publication an accidental delete meant that the original emails received have been lost. We are therefore asking for anyone who has already submitted information to please send it again.

As part of the RISC OS Select Scheme we intend to introduce a method whereby a RISC OS Filetypes database can be interrogated to provide information about the features and availability of programs to handle specific RISC OS filetypes.

Our desire is to make the database of filetypes as complete as possible, and to that end we need to know if anyone has registered filetypes with Acorn in the past that they do not wish published for whatever reason.

We are also aware that there are apparently a couple of Registered filetypes where the same filetype number is being claimed by different developers.

If you have registered a RISC OS Filetype and are happy for its details to be published, could you please send a confirmation email to developer@riscos.com detailing :-

1. The Filetype Descriptive Name e.g Postscript
2. The Filetype Number e.g FF5
3. The Filetype Text String e.g PoScript
4. The Company/Person that registered the filetype
5. The date of acknowledgement of registration by Acorn
6. Your preferred Sprite design.
7. Brief description of the filetype
8. Identifying features of the filetype. i.e how can the file be identified if it has lost its RISC OS filetype stamp?
9. Web or other contact details as to where a user can obtain the necessary program to utilise the specific filetype.

If you do not want any details of a Registered Filetype to be made public, then please let us know. Otherwise our intention is to acknowledge that a specific Filetype has been allocated to a Company, without giving a Filetype name or further details, unless confirmation has been received to the contrary.

Obviously this is a good promotional opportunity for all developers and we hope that everyone will provide the above details as soon as possible.