16/5/2013 - Developer Support area enters testing

As 3QD Developments Ltd continues the re-design of the RISCOS.com website more sections enter testing. The Developer support section of the new website is now being tested. Now available are copies of the RISC OS 3 and RISC OS 6 Programmer's Reference Manuals as well as numerous other manuals that cover RISC OS development. Complete referenced indexes are included making it easy to quickly find information about RISC OS with just a couple of mouse clicks. Our aim is to make information about RISC OS development available without charge as we believe this will encourage more developers to become interested in RISC OS as a platform.

Our target completion date has slipped as we underestimated the work involved, there is a lot of content from previous versions of RISCOS.com which needs to be checked by hand. As of today's date the new RISCOS.com consists of over 1200 html pages with more to come.

Aaron - 3QD Developments Ltd