05/11/15 - Updates to documents in RISCOS.com support

Last week we decided that, as the support section of RISCOS.com is nearly complete, we would run a few tests to find and remove any bad links or missing files. Instead of this taking a couple of hours it's taken a week. Most of this time was spent working on the Acorn era documentation including the RISC OS 3 User Guide and Programmer's Reference Manuals. We dealt with 286 files that had incorrect names or file extensions. We also found and fixed 544 bad links, which were mainly caused by inconsistencies between lower and upper case letters.

Most of these errors were historic and were introduced when, in 2001, RISCOS Ltd commissioned the HTML versions of the original Acorn FrameMaker documents. The application used to generate the HTML wasn't very sophisticated this coupled with the bizarre decision to convert everything with short upper case filenames was the main cause of the problems.

Having found and repaired those faults we decided that it would be prudent to run the same checks on all the other documentation and we are glad that we did. We found and rectified another 500 other faults which, although only a handful were serious, shouldn't have ever been present.As we add further materials to the support section these will be subjected to the same standard of tests to catch any problems before pages go live.

Aaron - 3QD Developments Ltd